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    Nathanial reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter 2 teaser and pre-order sale!   
    We're pleased to announce that Spriter 2 is far enough along in development to release a teaser video and open it up for pre-orders.
    To celebrate this milestone, we're running a pre-order sale from now until August 3rd.

    Use coupon code : SPRITER2 in our store to get 35 percent off your entire purchase. The retail price for Spriter 2 is not yet decided so for the duration of the pre-order sale you can pick it up for the same price as Spriter Pro.

    Better still, anyone who pre-orders Spriter 2 during this sale will receive a Spriter Pro license as a free bonus.

    For those who already own Spriter Pro, don't worry, you will automatically be getting Spriter 2 as a free upgrade so you do not need to pre-order or make any additional purchases. 

    Both current Spriter Pro owners and those who pre-order Spriter 2 during this sale will be the first members of the community to be eligible to participate in the private beta some time in 2018. 

    Stay tuned at spriter2.com, these forums, or our social media for future teasers and updates as things progress.

    Please help spread the word by liking and sharing this video and our posts on social media.

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    Nathanial got a reaction from Luck in Spriter still be listed as malcious software   
    Hi @Luck am I correct in assuming this was your other thread you mentioned in your post? I'm going to ping Edgar & Mike about sending a request to McAfee to fix the false positive so you and other McAfee customers don't receive the notice. I can assure you that Spriter is clean, however. Hopefully we can get things resolved with McAfee soon so you no longer receive the false positives.. In the mean time, if you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know. You can alternatively reach out to us at support@brashmonkey.com
    All the best,
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    Nathanial got a reaction from ryvrdrgn15 in Steam Key?   
    Thanks, we'll ask Valve if there's any regions that can't purchase Spriter and see if there's something we can do about warning about the region lock. I sincerely apologize about the inconvenience it caused you though and can personally relate from a similar experience I had in the past with a game.
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    Nathanial reacted to MelVin in Spriter 1.0 Released!   
    I kn ow it's a few days late but congrats to all of you! Spriter has made such a difference in my games. Great work, Spriter is truly awesome!
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    Nathanial reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Welcome to the new Spriter forums.   
    Hi Everyone,
    As you might have noticed, we've upgraded to a totally new forums system.  The migration seems to have gone off without a hitch, but there's the possibility that if you posted during the 30 minute window in which we were migrating that your post ended up in the old forums and didn't make it over here. 
    For anyone with a missing post, for a limited time you can actually access the old forum by going here: http://www.brashmonkey.com/forumOLD and copy the text from your post so you can easily repost it into the new forum.  If this is required I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    Nathanial reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Steam Key?   
    Hi William,
    We'll definitely be working out a way to get all current Spriter Pro owners who want one a SteamKey.  Keep an eye out for a forum post about it within the next several days.
    Thanks very much for the kind words about Spriter.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    Nathanial reacted to lucid in Spriter 1.0 Released!   
    Hello everyone,
    We're pleased to announce the official release of Spriter 1.0. It's been a long journey, and we'd like to thank all of our glorious Kickstarter backers and Early Adopters for making this possible.
    While this build offers substantial optimizations, and a few feature additions, enhancements, and bug fixes, we're just getting started with where we want to take Spriter. There will continue to be new builds with new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and improved documentation, which will be free updates for Spriter Pro owners. The Essentials version will also continue to get updates with bug fixes, and workflow enhancements.
    Thanks again and enjoy Spriter 1.0!
    Spriter Release 1
    Released 11/11/2014
    Additions and Enhancements

    [*:3lb04hxy]Several performance optimizations
    [*:3lb04hxy]Added Pro only feature to add custom watermarks to Png and Gif exports
    [*:3lb04hxy]Export to Png and Gif now recalls last used settings
    [*:3lb04hxy]Added the ability to resize the default pivot point editor
    [*:3lb04hxy]Added single action to copy the selection from canvas and paste it to all frames (available in the edit menu, the right click menu on the canvas, and with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D)
    [*:3lb04hxy]Paste to all frames now only creates one key for the addition if possible
    [*:3lb04hxy]Added 'Deselect All' to the right click menu after clicking an object on the canvas to make zoomed in editing of many overlapping parts easier
    Bug Fixes

    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug with anchored IK, where only rotating a bone not involved in the IK would cause the anchored IK to shift position upon releasing the mouse button
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug with anchored IK, where moving a bone far up the chain from the IK would cause the anchored IK to shift position upon releasing the mouse button
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed several bugs in onion skinning where onion skins could get stuck stuck on the screen after they should have disappeared
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that caused unintended selection behavior in the file palette after dragging an image onto the canvas
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that allowed the default pivot point dialog to very large images into a window that extended outside the borders of the screen
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that caused the default pivot point dialog to appear in a different monitor than the program for certain setups
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where after deleting the last animation in an entity, the keyframes would remain in the timeline widget, and the program would crash if you attempted to edit them
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where sub-entity onion skins would either display incorrectly, or not at all
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where it was impossible to delete sub-entities
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where changes to the canvas zoom made using the keyboard shortcuts or menu items would revert back to the previous zoom level after making a change to the sprite z-order
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where changing a bone's angle would reset it's opacity to 100%
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where clicking to drag a bone would cause it's opacity to flicker momentarily if it's opacity was set to less than 100%
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping a new sub-entity when a bone was selected would cause the sub-entity to shift it's location upon the drop
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where copy pasting multiple keys wouldn't always paste all keys
    A quick note about version numbers. We've opted to use release numbers instead of version numbers, so this build is Release 1, the next will be Release 2, etc. Hotfixes, and beta versions to be tested before being marked as stable releases will use decimals. (e.g Release 1.1)
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