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  1. Hi! And yes, it was cheaper for me but since there was no notice on the store page I thought I could buy 2 and gift one to my friend. I live in the Philippines so that includes Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Normally there is a notice on the store page letting me know that I cannot gift it to anyone outside of my region. My friend lives in the UK and when I asked her to check the Spriter store page on Steam it turned out blank so I assume it just wasn't available for her. I just wish that Steam was smart enough to know that the friend I'm gifting a game or program to cannot redeem it. I actually did gift it directly to her from purchase and it allowed it but when she tried to use it it said it was locked to my region. They have had some issues with their regional currency system as well as I've come across games where the prices were swapped with the cheaper and more expensive bundles, making the better deal cheaper than the other so watch out for that too. I hope this helps.
  2. I purchased Spriter from here for a friend of mine because it wasn't available in her region on Steam and it'd be nice if this was made available. Also the Spriter store page on Steam did not state that it was region locked so I almost bought two copies to gift her one. Good thing I only bought one and she sent it back to me. Please make sure that there is a region lock warning on Steam so that people don't waste money buying gifts that the intended recipients cannot use.
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