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  1. Rawdesh

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    How about add on FAQ questions, "Can I test Spriter 2 alpha version?" or something like that. Interested to test, but took while before I find how manage that. Looking good so far!
  2. Thank you for tip and info. No prob, keep on great work! regards Markus
  3. Hi Oh, sorry. Using Windows 10. And Spriter release 11. When i got that issue, I rename object in Z-order with F2, and press enter. Then it goes to "Alt + Click", and that change then with arrows. And then can't rename any other object, even with right mouse click. I tested with my desktop and laptop computers.
  4. Hi Renaming objects doesn't work for some reason on Z-order window. Or it works couple times and then nothing happen with F2 or via right click -> rename. Also when going thru objects in Z-order windows with arrow keys, it like "jump" suddenly to palette / alt + Click selections (create bone/box/point).
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