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    Ad.Dany reacted to Ad.Dany in Spriter for Unity 5.0   
    Thanks allot Dengar for Coming up and replying. I hope I'll find some way to finish!
    Still the converter is great and do many thing perfectly. 
    One more thing about pivot, why it's can't be translated to unity. I know it's tough to write and translate stuff to unity but just asking to get know how about working. 
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    Ad.Dany reacted to Dengar in Spriter for Unity 5.0   
    Ohhhh that's interesting. :O

    It never occurred to me that someone might NOT have set default pivot points.

    Should be easy enough to fix. I'll add it to known issues.
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    Ad.Dany reacted to Ad.Dany in Spriter for Unity 5.0   
    Ok So what do I do if I want to scale up all graphics? As I told you I was planning to create a bounce effect. 
    Ok Alright about it if Spriter didn't support this I will do some trick to achieve this. I am just curious how will I flip my Graphics? Flipping is also not working when importing to unity. definitely it wont, As it's also done in Spriter with a Negative scale ! Right?
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    Ad.Dany reacted to Dengar in Spriter for Unity 5.0   
    About scaling: You can just scale the parts instead of the bones without problems.
    About flipping: You can do this just fine by using negative scale (on the parts! not on the bones).
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    Ad.Dany reacted to Dengar in Spriter for Unity 5.0   
    I know the converter is imperfect. I only created it when I was hobbying with code. And I tend to get like into this programming 'mood' only like one or two times a year for a month or two and then it dies down again.
    It's a known issue but I have not yet examined what might be the cause. I've tried to make my code as readable and easy to work with as I possibly could but only a few people have come up with their own additions.
      I... honestly can't say.
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    Ad.Dany got a reaction from Tibs(CreaByte) in Cat in a Hat Team looking for Artist+Animator   
    Excellent Best Wishes :)
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    Previous thread: http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3365-spriter-for-unity-43-updated-integrated/
    Old version: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2Unity
    Even older version (Unity 4.x compatible): https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity
    So I've decided to build an entirely new version of the importer from scratch. This enabled me to work with it way more easily. Hopefully other programmers will also find it much easier to work with now:
    Spriter2UnityDX 1.0.3
    GitHub Link: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2UnityDX
    Anyone is free to fork it and do their own work. If it's pretty good stuff I'll merge it into the main branch.
    Package Link: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2UnityDX/raw/master/Packages/Spriter2UnityDX.unitypackage
    Use instructions: 
    !!!Requires Unity 5.x!!!
    1) Import the above package into your Unity project. Just drag and drop it into your Project View.
    2) Import your entire Spriter project folder (including the .scml file and all of the textures) into your Unity project.
    3) The converter should automatically create a Prefab and an AnimatorController in the same folder that contains the .scml file.
    4) When you make any changes to the .scml, the converter will attempt to modify existing assets if they exist.
    5) If these updates cause any irregular behaviour, try deleting the Prefab and Controller and re-importing the .scml.
    Differences from previous version:
    -The textures' import settings are examined before building the prefab, and automatically set to the format that is needed to build the Spriter Entity.
    -AnimationClips only contain curves for properties that actually change.
    -When updating existing assets, priority goes to the AnimatorController that is actually connected to the prefab, in case you are using the same AnimatorController for multiple Spriter Entities.
    -Body parts that have alternate textures (such as facial expressions) have an additional script component named "Sprite Swapper" on them which controls which sprite is displayed at any one time. You can manipulate this component at runtime to do fun things like give your characters alternate skins. For sprites that don't need a Sprite Swapper, you can just manipulate the Sprite Renderer.
    -The root GameObject now holds an "Entity Renderer" which allows you to manipulate all of the children's Sprite Renderers simultaneously as if they were one sprite. Disabling the Entity Renderer will also disable all the Sprite Renderers, and enabling it will enable them again.
    -Easily extensible, readable code.
    (Currently) Unsupported Features & Future Ideas
    -Automatically generate an Override Controller
    -CharacterMap support (I don't have Spriter Pro myself though, and I know very little about this at this point in time)
    -Dynamic Reparenting (changing the parent of a sprite during the animation will not be translated to Unity)
    -Support for other Pro features (subentities, notably)
    Known Issues:
    -Pivot points that are assigned on the canvas. Right now if you do this, your sprite will be misaligned when imported in Unity. I am planning on creating a fix for this on the next update, but not sure when that will be. For now, just set the default pivot point instead.
    -On a related note, NOT setting any default pivot points at all will also cause irregular behavior.
    -In some cases, the importer will endlessly loop. A workaround is manually setting your texture files to Sprite in the import settings. I have not figured out the cause for this but hopefully it'll be fixed in a future update.
    -Bones that are added later during animations are perpetually disabled.
    -The only supported curve types are smooth ones.
    Warning: Only the basic features of Spriter are implemented. And most certainly none of the Pro features. That said, if you feel you're a pretty good coder, feel free to take a shot at implementing it yourself.
    Warning: The tool as it is is very new. If you run into any unexpected behaviour, please tell me and I'll see if I can work out a fix.
    -AnimationEvents are now preserved between reimports
    -SpriteSwapper renamed to TextureController to avoid confusion
    -Fixed a z-position issue with the SortingOrderUpdater
    v1.0.3: Fixes: -Fixed an issue where flipped (negative-scaled) bones caused child sprites to appear out of place and in odd angles Features: -Added a toggle to the Entity Renderer that allows you to apply the .scml file's Z-index to the order-in-layer property of the Sprite Renderers -Removed Spriter2UnityDX components from the Add Component menu, since they are automatically added or removed v1.0.2: Fixes: -Fixed an issue where sprites appeared distorted when resizing bones -Exceptions are wrapped up nicely and no longer abort the whole process Features: -Now adds AnimationClips to existing AnimatorStates if they exist -Autosaves no longer trigger the importer v1.0.1:
    Fixes: -Fixed an issue where the Z-order would get messed up if body parts were moved during animation
    Features: -Z-order can now be mutated by the animation
    v1.0: Initial version
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    Ad.Dany reacted to bonus2113 in Spriter for Unity 4.3 (Updated, Integrated)   
    I've decided to open a new thread for this implementation as the old thread is mighty out of date (especially the first page is misleading).
    Get it from GitHub: https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity
    A tool that converts SCML files into unity .prefab and .anim files Based on the original work by Malhavok (https://github.com/Malhavok/Spriter2Unity)
    What it does:

    [*:o70kr28x]for each entity in SCML file creates a Unity prefab
    [*:o70kr28x]each entity got it's sprites assigned as long as you imported these sprites before conversion
    [*:o70kr28x]for each animation in SCML file creates a Unity animation under the prefab
    [*:o70kr28x]sprites are changed during animations, so only 1 SpriteRenderer is used for each node in the spriter file
    [*:o70kr28x]an AnimatorController is created (if it doesn't exist already)
    [*:o70kr28x]an Animator component is attached to the prefab. It gets a reference to the AnimatorController.
    Known issues:

    [*:o70kr28x]Only quadratic, cubic, linear and instant curves are supported
    [*:o70kr28x]Mainline curves are not yet imported
    [*:o70kr28x]Only works with a "Pixels To Units" setting of 100
    [*:o70kr28x]Some animations throw errors when selecting/scrubbing through them in the editor. They work fine when running the game.
    Important missing features:

    Copy the contents of the Assets folder into your Unity project's Assets folder or import the package from here. Any SCML files copied into the project will be automatically processed. Prefabs are created in the same folder as the SCML file.

    [*:o70kr28x]Download this Unity package: https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Un ... itypackage
    [*:o70kr28x]Open your Unity project.
    [*:o70kr28x]Import your whole Spriter project folder into Unity.
    [*:o70kr28x]With Unity open, go to the folder you saved the Unity package to and double click it.
    [*:o70kr28x]Unity should pop up with a dialog asking if you want to import the assets, click import on the bottom right.
    [*:o70kr28x]Unity should now import the Spriter2Unity package and then automatically convert your SCML files to prefabs. The prefabs will be in the same folder as the SCML files.
    There's an example included which imports the GrayGuy character and animates him via Mecanim.
    I'm currently working on the in-code documentation to make it easier for other people to contribute. You are very welcome to fork the repository and create pull requests!
    If you have any questions feel free to ask them here. I'd appreciate it if bug reports would be done via GitHubs issue system (https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity/issues), but I if you don't want to create a (free) GitHub account, this forum is fine as well.
    26th of June 2014:

    [*:o70kr28x]Fixed ZIndex Animation
    [*:o70kr28x]Added an example
    [*:o70kr28x]Implemented Sprite changing into the native Unity animations
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