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  1. Nice artwork. Excited to see your next animations as you get to use Spriter more.
  2. Not sure if this has been suggested yet, or if this is already doable, but being able to select multiple/all keyframes on the timeline and adjusting a value for a certain bone/image/etc. would be useful.
  3. Random update but perhaps someone else will come across this later, but the spriter/libgdx importer worked, so we are using that now. Results are much cleaner with the direct spriter file being used!
  4. Woah, very nice! I will give this a shot. We will also try implementing the .scml files directly into our game and see if that ends up working. Thank you for all the sleuthing and testing around sir!
  5. Sorry about the delay, have been swamped with some work. Alright I've sent you a zip containing the folder with everything. Just for simplicity's sake I created a new file with just a quick simple animation to avoid having the clutter of all the other random images my original scml came with. Thanks!
  6. Okay I've emailed you the png. And sweet, I'll check out that importer. Thanks for the search!
  7. Yeah I've been using Photoshop to test these out. I think the problem is the image I am bringing into Photoshop is the exported png from Spriter, which already has the jagged edges, so Photoshop can slightly smooth it out, but it still won't be as good as if the original png was already anti-aliased smoothly. It's actually a mobile game we are creating with libgdx, for Android.
  8. Hmm, alright I've tried that method - exporting at 100% within Spriter but then scaling down in other software to 50%. Unfortunately I am still getting the same issues. Currently I have been exporting image sequences. "separate numbered image files", which we've been using in game. How can I use the Spriter file directly in game? That seems like it'd be a lot better way to also save space. And yeah, we are looking at filtering settings now for the game.
  9. Thanks for the replies. @BrashAdmin And actually I've been doing that already! The assets I made were larger than we needed them to be for the game, so I've been exporting them out of Spriter at 50% anyway. Or do you mean export out of Spriter at 200% size, then reduce to 50% size externally with another program afterward? In game though, the lines are still becoming jagged though. Like the final image I posted, with the still frame of the robot tilted, that is how it looks in game. The jagged lines are visible for all the animations in game. EDIT: @bwwd Question, what do y
  10. Hello all, wondering if anyone knows how to solve this issue. Working on some assets for a game and I've been creating them in Illustrator and exporting them as png's. As an example: In Spriter of course I have the individual parts separated with bones. Anywho, in Spriter, to animate any piece, if I rotate any of the parts, the lines become jagged. Here's a gif example, if you look at the "ears" on this robot, you see whenever he tilts side to side, and the images are no longer straight, the lines are jagged. Note Edit: welp, a gif is obviously not the best way to sho
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