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  1. Thanks! The latter solution did the trick. Got other missing files messages until installed the whole library pkg. I can imagine that testing the Linux version may miss this kind of thing when being tested on a machine that already has the libraries and dependencies installed (as opposed to fresh Linux install). Cool. Thanks again.
  2. After unpacking the tar file and executing ./Spriter, the following error is thrown... ~/Downloads/SpriterR9(64)$ ./Spriter: error while loading shared libraries: libgstapp-0.10.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Kindly advise... Thanks.
  3. As the subject asks... Ubuntu 16.04 and Spriter Pro .. a good match? I ask because the download link says "for 14.04" Also, can I use my purchase code for Windows version on my Ubuntu installation? (I've switched OS's) Thanks. Greg
  4. Forgive is this question is repeated elsewhere in this forum. I looked and did not find. Terrible search function, really. The Linux version of Spriter Pro. 1. Is the Linux version essentially identical to the Windows version? 2. Are Linux and Windows updates more or less simultaneously released? 3. Is there a better Linux distro to use Spriter Pro with? e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, openSuse, etc. 4. Is the Linux version generally stable and performs well (unlike Mac version)? Thanks for the support.
  5. +1 on mocap 2D and Spriter Yeah, lots of issues. Still.... somebody's gonna do it, some day, some where. Why not that brash monkey everyone's talking about?
  6. @lucid, thanks for suggestion. I tried modifying the dpi compatibility and testing the program. All looks well except the Object Properties box - same results as before. To me it appears that there needs to be a line-height property set on the text so that it cannot be crunched down when system scaling is playing a role. Though I haven't done a thorough check, the rest of the GUI seems alright... just Object Properties needs a tweak, it seems.
  7. I'm using a Surface Pro 4 w/ Spriter Pro. The SP4 has a high-dpi display. Windows 10 has a setting to enlarge fonts by 200% (recommended) for apps that don't yet support high-dpi displays. As you can see below, an example of the problem is that the Spriter Pro GUI interface is nearly unusable. Putting the Win10 option back to only 100% zoom makes everything in the GUI microscopic and truly unusable. Even the example below gives a false sense of the problem -- it's actually smaller than depicted here... so life is tough in Spriter Pro on a hi-dpi display. Please advise. Even better,
  8. Nice unicorn/pegasus animations. Is the SCML file and associated parts included? UPDATE: Answered my own question. Bought it, and Yes, scml is there.
  9. Thanks fellas. Useful info. Esp. useful to know it's the same code base, which I'd hoped. That means the data files (.scml) can be portable across the platforms if needed.
  10. I searched first before asking and had little luck finding a specific answer. Question: Are there any functional or feature differences between Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Spriter Pro. I ask because I have all platforms to choose from but want to make an informed decision about the primary platform for me to use. Thx.
  11. Dude, you're great. Thanks for the very useful info. I'll purchase the early adopter pack and look forward to the evolution of the content. Super pleased to hear that you'll address 4-directions in the animations. Amazes me how you manage to keep your biz in balance... product development, user communications... that ain't easy by what seems like a one-man or small group effort. Keep up the good work.
  12. Hi Mike, I continue to be impressed with what you've done and are doing w/ Spriter Pro and the associated resources. Question re: RPG Heroes art pack I have the essentials pack, and am willing to get the early adopters pack, esp. at the low price, but for some reason I can't seem to find an inventory of what's inside the paid pack so I can know what I'm getting in addition to the essentials pack. Any info? Thanks again. UPDATE: I did find others asking this same question. I'm sure it's in your plans to list what's in each version of the pack. Looking forward to
  13. Agree about workflow demos. Both on building the anims, but also skinning, fluid techniques, etc. When a newbie sits in front of Spriter for the first time, the learning curve is steep, esp. for creating excellent anims. A few animation mentors stepping forward with coherent demo videos and posting the actual animation files for study would be significantly useful to both users and to the further adoption of Spriter.
  14. That's exciting, qertis. Good work. Cocos2d-x-JS needs the Spriter option. I'm curious, do you develop in CC2DX-JS and use skeletal animation? If so, in your experience, is that combo ready-for-production use, or still a bit early in dev, i.e. not mature yet? I'm trying to sort out the options, but sometimes the information is incomplete or out of date. Thanks for your work on the Spriter port.
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