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  1. i actually just found a really sweet example of this, its an extension for another program (that i have no clue how to use) but on the upside i know its possible lol. granted its not motion capture but it might have some use.
  2. Thanks Mike. I realise there is a 3d element to the mo-cap i would be using, my main idea was if there was a process to flatten it in some way and use only the x/y of the file so that the tracking points are used in the same manner that bones are.
  3. Yeah that's what I'm saying. If there was a way to use the data to frame everything out that would be awesome. I don't know enough about mocap files or Spriter to know where to even think of starting.
  4. I was looking at some bundled software online (not sure if i can post the site) recently and it comes with a lot of motion capture files. I was windering if spriter had the ability to use these as a way of controlling a sprite. For instance, using the mocap of a person walking or running to animate the sprite in a more natural way. Tips or suggestions?
  5. Yeah that's what i was afraid of. Its difficult to get a fluid animation like that but I guess it has to be done. Thanks again!
  6. Is there a way to group segments of a sprite together like in a group or a layer? My first sprite has been put on the back burner for a while so i can play around with other ideas and now im getting a little antsy to mess with it again. I'm working on a spider and as of now I have four legs, I want four on the other side as well but getting everything lined up and animating them all gets a little confusing cause I tend to grab the wrong thing. Is there any way to lock all but what i want to work on and only work with the legs on the opposite side? my Z order is a little off in this picture
  7. Thats pretty much it, coloring was my biggest hurdle. Using the different software is fun, and I understand most of it, but for me it is taking what I see online and translating that technique into a sprite which is difficult. I was mostly looking for some ideas on what process works for other sprite makers.
  8. I'm looking to create my own sprites (go figure) and while I'm having a pretty straight forward time animating some assets in the awesomeness that is spriter, I'm kind of failing at creating my own. I can create basic forms in Photoshop and illustrator and import/animate them with no problem, coloring them nicely is another beast altogether. Does anyone have any pointers or resources that helped them with this aspect? I have watched a lot of YouTube but I'm not quite grasping how to translate that into something I can utilize.
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