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  1. Thank you! Merged: https://github.com/tewst/cc_spriter/commit/f11f000da29e8e7d27e90833bd16fe9110926f3a
  2. New version: 1.1.3 Optimized structure Demo updated
  3. Version updated! Features: Cocos2d-JS 3.10 Supported Download from Github
  4. New version: 1.0.1 Works in firefox, chrome. Supports webgl and canvas2d.
  5. Yes, it's a mature and ready for production.
  6. cc_spriter updated Features: Remove goog and spriter from window object Basic animations Bone animations All curve types (Instant, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Quintic, Bezier) Points Collision Rectangles SubEntities Events Variables Tags Character maps Animation Blending Minified size ~63kB https://github.com/qertis/cc_spriter/releases/tag/1.0.0
  7. Hi everyone, I have ported the Spriter to Cocos2d-HTML5 (JS). Based on spriter.js by: Jason Andersen, Isaac Burnds and PIXI port by Sean Bohan. --- GitHub Link: https://github.com/tewst/cc_spriter Basic example: tewst.github.io/cc_spriter
  8. Hi! I have ported to Cocos2d-JS ver.3.8+ My repo: https://github.com/qertis/cc_spriter
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