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    gmalone reacted to dfcastelao in Linux version question(s)   
    Please, consider using AppImage as an additional way to package your linux versions. It's a sandboxed packaging format that can make your software almost linux distribution agnostic. Projects such as Krita are already using it. I must say that, from a user point of view, it's just a fantastic solution.
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    gmalone got a reaction from motocat in My animated sprites   
    Agree about workflow demos.  Both on building the anims, but also skinning, fluid techniques, etc.  When a newbie sits in front of Spriter for the first time, the learning curve is steep, esp. for creating excellent anims.  A few animation mentors stepping forward with coherent demo videos and posting the actual animation files for study would be significantly useful to both users and to the further adoption of Spriter.  

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    gmalone reacted to ScrotieFlapWack in My animated sprites   
    This is amazing stuff man.
    Any chance of a tutorial at all on your workflow for getting such incredible animations? 
    I'm still learning, I tend to get my key poses in and then work on the inbetweens. I've not tried any deformation like skewing or stretching yet but I hope to at some point. Most of my work has been with simple designs of characters which don't really need any deformations.
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    gmalone got a reaction from qertis in Using Spriter animations in Cocos2d-JS   
    That's exciting, qertis.  Good work.  Cocos2d-x-JS needs the Spriter option.  I'm curious, do you develop in CC2DX-JS and use skeletal animation?  If so, in your experience, is that combo ready-for-production use, or still a bit early in dev, i.e. not mature yet?  I'm trying to sort out the options, but sometimes the information is incomplete or out of date.
    Thanks for your work on the Spriter port.
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