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    AniMittra got a reaction from lucid in Reference Implementation Status Update (10/18/2015)   
    This is the type of update I've been waiting months for! Thanks for finally putting us in the loop haha. Looking forward to the weekly updates.
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    AniMittra reacted to lucid in Reference Implementation Status Update (10/18/2015)   
    (update 10/18/2015) The first official reference implementation is ready for testing. More information here.
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    AniMittra reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Update on Spriter API matters   
    Hi again AniMittra,
    I agree, testing the latest version and then reporting any remaining issues directly on Spriter2Unity's Github page is definitely an excellent first step into making sure Spriter is better supported ASAP. On our end, Edgar can't help directly with Unity support until after the generic implementation is finished.  We hope to make an update post about it's progress within the next week or two.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    AniMittra got a reaction from hippyman in Update on Spriter API matters   
    Any update on the generic implementation or the Unity one in particular? A time-frame would really help (1 month? 3 months? 6?), otherwise I might try Spine instead.
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    AniMittra reacted to Kiori in Update on Spriter API matters   
    To keep it sane, you shouldn't aim to have the sound effects and colisions suported yet, thats very unity specific, what you should do is make sure the animations themselves are fully supported.
    You guys need to have 'export to unity' as a builtin option, this is going to be your biggest userbase if you do.
    These are some good links for the devs to look into:

    I believe the spriter2unity implementation uses something similar to the last 2 links. I've tested it, not thoroughly though, and it seems to work ok so far.
    I was one of the early supporters of spriter but I'm a bit undecided at the moment, maybe I'll buy puppet2d and use that instead.
    I hope you guys come around and realize how important unity really is and include all sorts of unity specific features into spriter.
    Alternatively you guys could contact unity themselves, and hook something up. They'll help you out.
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    AniMittra reacted to lucid in Update on Spriter API matters   
    I just wanted to let everyone know my full focus has switched from developing Spriter (aside from critical fixes) to getting complete and thorough documentation for developers.  This will take some time, but this long overdue step is underway and I will update you when things are further along.  Thank you everyone for your extreme patience thus far on the matter. 
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