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  1. Super important for me: Lock pivot points ! I would like to enable a pivot-points locked mode. I mean, Ideally I would not like to change the pivot points of any of my images except for the first keyframe. I have seen sometimes (may be due to past bugs, dunno) moving sprites/bones could lead to silently changing the pivot point of the sprite. I do not like this happening !
  2. Hi, * Would be nice to have a way of optionally locking pivot points so they will not be changed at any point by error. This would help in some engines where pivot points can not be changed (neither tweened easily) in runtime. When I say locking pivot points I could say locking anything, that would be nice too (ie. prohibit locking the rotation / translation of sprites if you want to ensure any movement is performed through bones) * Would be nice to have a "compact scml / scon" option. There are redundant info, for example when a timeline do not change in all the animation, I think its pointless to keep repeating the same key over and over. I manually trim the exceed of keys, I could develop a tool for doing this but it would be nice if Spriter optionally could compact the output.
  3. I would like to hear best practices recommendations for using character maps, to adapt our art pipeline (we are two and very newbie to 2D). Should the images be exactly the same size? can the pivot points change?
  4. Could you please provide an ETA for this? I think the documentation update is a must for working in projects like this. C++ complete implementation for use as a reference would be indeed very useful too!
  5. thanks lucid, everything makes sense. Having an updated documentation would definetively help and save loads of time (at least to me :P) ;)
  6. I just wanted to confirm as someone who is working to adopt the Spriter format, after spending hours trying to figure out why my flipping also wasn't working as it seemed it magically should, following the reference as much as applicable etc... yes, I needed this block of code! So I can definitely say this should be put into the SCML reference. Yep, I was wondering why my flipping wasn't working. This did the trick for me too!
  7. I'm implementing a c++ importer for my engine, have had a modest success but found several issues. For example, there are some animations from "AdveturePack" "Goblin_enemy.scml" which I can not play correctly and have weird things inside like "abs_x", "abs_y", "abs_pivot... etc. Of course I can figure what they could mean, but I have no found any reference in documentation : http://www.brashmonkeygames.com/spriter ... atspec.pdf http://www.brashmonkeygames.com/spriter ... cation.pdf http://www.brashmonkey.com/ScmlDocs/ScmlReference.html I have also an issue with the curve_type="instant". Sometimes I have found this tag in Mainline... shouldn't they be in Timeline ? at least is what I did understand from reading the doc above. help please :(
  8. Aaendi you should have a look at spriter documentation. Answering your questions: x and y represents local coordinates and they are relative to it's parent object. a folder will contains several files, each file will usually be an image. The numbers are just an identifier for both, folders and files. the numbers are in decimal notation. You can store them in any format you want with any number of bits...
  9. what is this "a" value in SpatialInfo supposed to be? There are chances that this means "alpha" but not sure and do not see it set by any of the Spriter examples (I might missed this). I do not know why should i need this "a" value :/ BTW I think "spin" should belong to TimelineKey instead of "SpatialInfo"
  10. Hi guys, I would like to know the current status of documentation and if its up-to-date with all the features. I want to implement a SCML exporter for my games but can not find too much. Only http://www.brashmonkey.com/ScmlDocs/ScmlReference.html is this up-to-date ? is there a more specific / technical manual out there? Tx!
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