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    Dredok got a reaction from Dryynrins in several doubts about SCML specification   
    I'm implementing a c++ importer for my engine, have had a modest success but found several issues.
    For example, there are some animations from "AdveturePack" "Goblin_enemy.scml" which I can not play correctly and have weird things inside like "abs_x", "abs_y", "abs_pivot... etc.
    Of course I can figure what they could mean, but I have no found any reference in documentation :
    http://www.brashmonkeygames.com/spriter ... atspec.pdf
    http://www.brashmonkeygames.com/spriter ... cation.pdf
    I have also an issue with the curve_type="instant". Sometimes I have found this tag in Mainline... shouldn't they be in Timeline ? at least is what I did understand from reading the doc above.
    help please :(
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