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  1. OK thanks that's much better, still requires shortcuts but at lot less clicks. Its remembering all different key click combinations in all the apps I use that gets to me. Spriter is a particularly bad offender. I was just staring at my screen for about five minutes yesterday waiting for the key I needed to hold down to spring into my head to bind a sprite to a bone. Why cant there just be a tool list selection? For example you can press V for the move tool in Photoshop but there is still a tool icon for when you forget.
  2. Thanks Pikarus for the solution it sort of works. However this is just ridiculous! If I want to move a leg I have to CTRL click the chain (three clicks with a key press) then I have to click again with a different key press (because if you didn't you will duplicate your last selection) and it doesn't work with IK so I have to then right click after moving the leg to set the anchor. And then decide I want to change the position, oh dear all those action again. I don't want to be playing a musical instrument with my mouse and keyboard. I want to set up my rig, attach helpers to my IK chains and
  3. When I set a foot to be the end of an IK chain I would like to be able to then pick up the foot and move the leg by dragging a target helper object around. This would be the same for an arm, link a target object to a hand then drag the arm around like in other animation apps. Currently when I assign IK to the end of a chain it just gets anchored in place with a red dot and cannot be moved. The IK works in reverse as in I can move the body towards the anchor and the limb bends but this is not very helpful for creating walks and stuff. Am I missing something obvious?
  4. That worked for me, hooray! I installed the 32 bit one first and windows informed me I had a newer version already installed for the 64 bit one when I tried to install it (listed as 10.0.40219).
  5. Same here for me, very frustrating missing DLL error. Is it a 64 bit thing as I can run the latest on my 32 bit tablet? Ignore that last bit, I tried Spriter_b10 on another 64 bit Windows 8.1 with no problems.
  6. You must be on a Mac to come up with that opinion. Here is a link to a recent poll conducted on Thea Renders forum, a site full of very artistic types, showing preferred OS's. http://www.thearender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=112&t=15579
  7. Hi, I cannot get Spriter to run beyond the B8_2 version. Windows shows a system error dialogue stating that VCOMP100.DLL is missing when I try to run version 9, 10 or 11. There is a fairly fresh install of Windows Pro 8.1 64 bit on my main work pc. I tried it on my Dell Venue 11 Pro 32 bit Windows Pro 8.1 with no problem but I prefer not to do my work on that. Would this also happen in the Pro version of Spriter as I would like to buy it but of course don't want to spend money on something that doesn't work on my system. Cheers.
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