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  1. Excuse me! i use the S2U, when i want to add the "animation event" at the some animation.but the animation will be interrupt, At that time the character animator will be change to the "Set As Default" animation .who can i to add "animation". i use the S2U beta. ----- Unity 4.x . : https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity
  2. I can`t lock the Bone in the spriter R4.so i can`t to make IK animation! i use the "Lock Selected Objects "button,but it no use for me.... could you tell me how to lock the Bone?! thank you:)!
  3. 1.Press "space": Play / Pause. 2.press"W,E":Previous Manual adjustment keyframe , Next Manual adjustment keyframe 3.Press the "up, down, left, right": spriter(picture) move one pixel(up, down, left, right). 4.Can you can add background images: easy action in accordance with the contents of a draft picture or game screenshots adjust the animation. thank you!
  4. i upload the project in the app.box..you can download see the problem! https://app.box.com/files/0/f/0/1/f_13439314133 i writer the new post : https://github.com/Malhavok/Spriter2Unity/issues/7 thank you!:)!
  5. could you help me again.. i try it again! it`s no use ! the error how can i to fix the error? i am feel so trouble! i want to solve the problem to continue the game develop.but it's stop in the.... what should i do?? Excuse me,could you give me a success to unity project file?or could you give me you other contact (email or telephone and so on..) ? You can write the other contact to my e-mail :pjwaixingren@me.com thank you.:)!
  6. i download the newest version of S2U; you say like this?i copy the Spriter2Unity to the unity. but try it no use. could you give me a success exprot to unity project file(rar or zip..) to me? i will know what should i do. thank you! Malhavok!
  7. it`s great !the exprot is success!haha.... Spriter2Unity,i use the malhavok give the mythgarr file:" a good example project is: http://www.brashmonkey.com/temp/GreyGuy.zip there are a few animations along with sprites changing. i'm using it as a test for each update to S2U." i use the spriterB5 and spriterB6.mac10.9 and win7system(unity4.3.2or4.3.3) test the file .but both error,when i change the animations the prefab picture is not change ,i find the prefab just one bone one picture,the other picture is no in the,may be the is question !~~!!! i am feel the spriter will change the 2D animaiton revolution in the future ,so i use it.. thank you BrashMonkey ! thanks!
  8. i use the spriter to make the unity game ..i use the "spriter2unity" export have a problem-- https://vimeo.com/84789083 the video you can see!! so i use the "File-Export To PNG".you see the picture,it,s not clean,have the background? how can i to export the file to unity?? i use the spriter pro editionB6.1,unity4.3.3.mac os10.9.... what should do i now?? ?? i am so Worry!! please help me !! thank you...thank you.....!!!
  9. could you help me why i change the animation ,but the picture is not change??? the mac convert have a bug,i use the three picture (hand bone )in the one animation,but when i put the unity the picture is just show one picture in all the one animation! i make a video that you can see the question!!:)! https://vimeo.com/84789083 i use the win7or spriterB5 and spriterB6(mac or win ) try,the bug is the same .. i use the python2.7.6,mac10.9,unity4.3.2f1. spriter pro editionB6.1! i am so hurry,thank youï¼ï»¿
  10. convert the spriter into the unity(4.3.2) shader how can i to change the spirte/diffuse(default)???how can i to use the spriter2unity in the mac??thank you!
  11. could you tell me how can i to use Spriter2Unity in the mac???could you give a video show??thank you! i use the :spriter version b6 pro mac osx 10.9 unity4.3
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