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  1. funshark

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    It may not be only happening when saving... I think it is the case for every "heavy" process ( like saving ). If you do another action while the process is still running, it may crash. That's also what I think is happening ;)
  2. mh nah, skinning is the mesh deformation functionnality :) when bones deforms the sprite
  3. Weeeell, we can't say here that it is not high level animations :) I don't know very well Dragon's crown since I didn't played it yet, but Muramasa animations are above Rayman ones ( just a little ) :) These two studios have done a really great job on design, tool and animations
  4. I know it is possible, I've just tried it :) I didn't say it wasn't possible but that the workflow isn't good atm Maybe the mesh generated part isn't really important... but, like in rayman or other good animation tool, the bones must automatically be skinned on points with influence. OK that's just what you said :)
  5. Why can't we parent just the sprites? That would be great for simpler animations/hierarchies
  6. Why not skin directly the bones on a shape-generated mesh ?
  7. - Please work with a designer ( I mean graphical AND practical ) for both software and Website, cause actually it feels very amateurish, and it's not something you want, I hope. - Please concentrate on stabilizing Spriter at #1 priority. It is not cool & professional to have something that crashes every 10 min because you've clicked a bit too fast, or on the wrong button, or in the wrong order. - Please use something more practical that a simple forum to retrieve bugs and features demands, so you and we can trace them efficiently. You have plenty of great features in this app, it would be a shame not to wrap it up with a proper presentation, interface, workflows and support.
  8. funshark

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    When changing something in the Hierarchy window ( parenting... ), it's not refreshing correctly ( -> some bones or sprites disappear ). I have to check/uncheck "Show Sprites". Also, one of my sprites was not in the Hierarchy window until I did the same process as before. Infos : Windows 7 64b
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