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  1. If you click buy now 1 license is added to your cart, if you don't purchase in that moment then come back later and hit buy now again the cart would have 2 orders in it. This is most likely what happened, I almost bought 2 licenses this way.
  2. Fill the shadow entirely with green so it helps you easily make a selection of it, then replace it with your drawn shadow by hand on every frame. With some smart use of photoshop you should be able to replace the shadows in all frames rather quickly.
  3. I was wondering, what happens if come spriter 1.0 and no one in the community develops a working implementation? I already got pro so I can't back off :P, but it would be nice to know if you would take development of the implementation yourself? I know it's impossible to implement every single developing software out there, but making sure that there are working implementations for the most common/popular ones would be wise marketing.
  4. Bone dynamics, only thing I will miss of anime studio.
  5. Make the shadow silhouette in a magenta or green color then replace it in another software using masks.
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