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    What's left to do

    I didn't know about Spriter until the Kickstarter had finished, but how long do those people who did back it have exclusive access to the new version over people who have bought licences? I want to buy a licence but there doesn't seem any incentive right now as I would still be stuck with the alpha and a continual release date of "soon"...which has been the stock answer in posts since before xmas. This isn't meant as a dig at all, I think Spriter is awesome and can't wait to get the new version, its just so frustrating having to wait around on a proper release date.
  2. The scaling in Spriter needs to be fixed so that it scales from the centre of the object, as even a simple tween between his normal chest and a large chest (breathing) will result in the chest sliding to the side and abnormally away from the limbs as it is scaled from the top left corner within Spriter for some reason. Is this fixed in the new version, or have I missed a setting somewhere?
  3. rIKmAN

    What's left to do

    Almost a week since the last post - how are things looking lucid? :)
  4. Thanks for the reply Brash! You have answered my question, as I just wanted to make sure there was no difference performance wise with the 2 ways to do it, and that a later Spriter update would mean having to re-do all the characters in some way. You've cleared that up, so thanks. :)
  5. Hi jayderyi, thanks for the reply. It's not really the images that I was talking about, it was more how people are managing each characters view within Spriter. Whether they are having an "all_views.scml" - which contains every animation from every view of the complete character. or man_front.scml - contains all front view animations man_back.scml - contains all back view animations etc What do BrashAdmin / lucid recommend with future features/changes to Spriter in mind?
  6. What is the recommended way to structure characters and their various views - front, back, side, 3/4 etc? Is it best to have one .scml per view containing all animations for that view, and then show/hide them as needed in game, so: man_front.scml, man_back.scml, man_side.scml etc as 3 different characters (in Spriter) or Is it better to have a single big .scml file containing all data for EVERY view and call the correct animation when needed in game? Is there any performance difference between the methods, or it is simply a matter of preference as to how I prefer to manage my assets? The samples only show a character facing one direction, so it would be interesting to hear how people are working with Spriter and characters that have a full set of animations for their characters in front/side/back etc. Thanks.
  7. rIKmAN

    What's left to do

    Great news lucid! :) Is access to the private forum dependant on buying a licence? I'll be buying one if so! If not how long before us public forum users get to see it? PS. Have a beer, and well done on the release!
  8. There are check boxes in the image properties for the default handle, but they are always disabled. I assume this is coming along with the collision stuff, but things like being able to get the xSize/ySize of the whole character to roll our own basic collisions would suffice for now if the collision stuff you have planned is a while away.
  9. Hi Brash, Yeah I didn't realise at first it was just a display issue in Spriter, as I say I thought Spriter was ruining the images, making it useless for creating anything. Not a big issue now I know it's doing nothing of the sort, and any alignment problems that occur I can go back and tweak once it's fixed. Looking forward to the new version. :)
  10. Hey Brash, I have had a discussion on another forum with therevilles who wrote the Monkey importer, as his demos were not showing any jagged and were smooth as silk. Anyway it turns out that even though the images distort inside Spriter, once the file is loaded using the importer they appear perfectly in game. :) I didn't get that far when testing as when the images were becoming jaggy in Spriter I assumed that anything exported would be too, so didn't actually test it in game - my bad. So while its not ideal, especially when making small adjustments as the jaggies / distortion makes objects appear to wobble and move, and you can't quite tell if the allignment is off or if it's the aliasing, it's not as bad as I first thought knowing they can be used in game without looking so bad. Looking forward to the new release, like I said it's a great tool with a lot of potential, if you can just clean up all the little niggles and some bigger ones like the jaggy edges and it is something I will be buying and using a lot.
  11. Hi mate, Is there any chance of a VERY rough timescale...weeks, months? I'm sure you are apprehensive to give a timescale, but I'm also sure you understand that I'm in a situation where I can't really sit waiting for an unknown amount of time for these issues to be fixed in the new build - my project could be in limbo for ??? and I cannot plan around an unknown. Also I have noticed that in the demo files (monster, hero, boned) there does not seem to be any of anti-alias and jagged edge problems on any on the models, even when rotated, and I'm wondering how you are doing it. Were they built with an updated version of Spriter later than the public 4.1a?
  12. Firstly, great program - it really helps programmer types like me get some decent animations with little skill. I am having problems with jagged edges when rotating any sprites attached to my rig, and it looks terrible. I have searched the forum and found that this is a known issue, and that you say it is fixed in the next update which is coming soon. The posts I saw were dated Jan 24th, so I was wondering how soon is the next release looking? Is there any chance of you issuing a hotfix for this issue specifically, as right now it makes the program unusable in terms of creating anything with it. Keep up the good work, it's already a powerful little tool, and with some work could be a must-buy! :)
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