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  1. support for something like this would be *Brilliant*- dynamic pixel based lighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TenM5s7YWzA
  2. depending, this may be best done with an animated texture that can be tiled.
  3. hey all I'd like to put together a dev team to make some 90's style arcade games. I'm a musician, sound designer, and beginning artist (~1 year or so in concept art and sprite art). I'd like to take my skills to the next level and want to work with others to put together some ideas. PLease see attached some examples of my art and music. please feel free to message me or contact me at i.am.ron.the.lodger@gmail.com Previously i have contributed music to dev company Team Fistpuncher on Washington's Wig (level 3 theme). Arcade Style Space Shooter Track http://youtu.be/p5_v_ef8guA Sample Based Hip
  4. hi, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or techniques for how to go about animating/building interactions between sprites/entities. For example, if I was making a beat em up game and one player would pick up and slam another, would this most likely be animated as a new sprite merging the two or would that probably be two sets of animations that need to be completed for the attacker and victim? Thanks -lodger
  5. lodger


    excuse me, but this is kind of uncouth....bordering on childish. Spriter is an excellent tool, Spine might be as well. The time and energy of dev's is best spent working on the software, listening to people's feedback rather than diverting it into some silly rivalry. I mean no offence here, but I think we have better things to do/collaborate on.
  6. for 2d animation, if your character is doing most of its animations standing still, i'd suggest not drawing your character at a perfect 90 degree east or west, but rather 3/4 view where you can see the other limb that is not in the front or back. For an example of what i'm talking about have a look at Capcom's animation for Street Fighter 2- very little is animated with a player facing hard left and right although gameplay is constrained to a 2d plain. Also, have a look at the minotaur that the brash team created for an example of what I mean.
  7. for that, you would have the head, arms and legs separate from the chest and use scale to increase the size of the chest cavity.
  8. Contraints for bones could be useful (limiting the extent that joints can bend to simulate natural joint restrictions.) Perhaps an "inverted order view" to make it easier to edit segments behind the primary parts. This could be difficult, but how about "render to sprite sheet" as an option?
  9. some way to save the order of sprites and be able to toggle via a hotkey, etc (if that could be automated, that would speed up animation 10 fold, as i am working with models that have 360 degree parts). being able to delete/paste over frame 1
  10. to make tweening easier, it would be great if there was a way to pre identify or save data for the center, rotation points, etc of the sprites being swapped out. it can be an issue swapping in sprites that have a different size/shape than what had previously been there. Also, for the long haul, a "someday, maybe" feature could be adding lumination to models or features to make palette swapping easier.
  11. Here are a few fixes that would help a dilemma i'm facing with spriter now. Imagine you put together a running animation that has 12 keyframes once you are done making coarse edits. everything now works fine, but imagine you still want to add an object such as a weapon to the animation. you now have to paste it into each of the key frames, as it will disappear when the new one is added. here are a few ideas that could make this process easier. Keyframe resampling: how about a feature that takes "snapshots" every specified interval of all parts and converts that to keyframes, replacing the old
  12. in the menu where you set sprite hierarchy, it would be great if you could select, apply changes to, or change the heirchy of multiple sprites at a time by holding shift and clicking. also, it would be helpful if there were "tiers" or groups of sprites that were in relatively similar places that you could hit a number key and assign the sprite to that group. for instance, if there was a 2d character facing east, the parts of the left arm/left leg could be tier 1, body tier 2, and right limbs tier 3. With a feature like this, you could jump straight to a tier to save scroll time, could apply to
  13. thanks for the suggestions! I am currently working with Hybrid poser/spriter models so the 3d thing is possible for sure. Hopefully I'll have some good results to share with everyone soon. Thanks!
  14. I was wondering if anyone was using spriter/spriter style animation for 3/4 overhead/isometric games. Thus far with spriter, i've made some really good flat 2d running/walking/movement. I've tried 3/4 but am having a difficult time with things like swordslashing where an object like a sword takes on multiple perspective angles during an animation. Any experience/ suggestions for this sort of thing? Thanks! -Ron
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