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  1. Well, if you were using AS3, you'd need this feature, because without it you need to type EACH SINGLE FILE you're using on an Assets class... which is a little bit tedious :P
  2. Add some kind of format for Spriter which exports the file as a zip file containing the descriptor and all the images with the folders. Something like "spz" or something (SPriter Zip XD). I think all the languages have libraries for loading zip files (AS3 has them), and for some languages where you need to embed each resource manually (I'm talking about AS3 again xD), needing to embed a single file would be much better (so, instead of having to embed EACH image, you just embed the spz file and you're done!) What do you think? That'd really improve stuff in the AS3 version, but I'm not sure abo
  3. Hey, nice file format! Will require a rewrite of my structure for sure, but it's nice haha :D I'd like something to be added: a parameter width and a parameter height on the elements. This would be the pre-calculated dimensions of each key, with all the sprites inside it, with their scale and rotations in mind. This would help enormously if we're using a cached blitting technique in our renderers, as we won't have to determine those dimensions in-game, which would be a waste of resources. Also, I'm not sure, but I'm assuming the folders is all the images used in the spriter right? How do they
  4. Here's the Spriter AS3 implementation: Engines supported: - Plain AS3 - FlashPunk - Flixel - Starling Future engines: - Genome2D - ND2D - Stencyl Version: Spriter BETA format.
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