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  1. hmm. Well the first problem was the infinite loop. We had the same problem as other newbs made in the earlier version of SpriterUnity not DX. Make sure your images are set to Sprites not Textures. With DX there was a better natural flow to it all. Are first import worked fine(images were already set to Sprites). We only noticed the loop occur after a new Spriter image update came in with 2 new pieces of art. We down prioritized the issue for about a week as our project had more important matters to attend to. But then we had a show and tell and we needed to get these resolved. So after spending time inserting debug logs I finally remembered non DX version had to have them images set to sprites having watched where the loop started. The artist informed me there were new sprites. So I checked out the sprites and found they were set to advanced. Now since they are advanced they showed up in game world no problem, but then I switched them to sprite and problem fixed. No more inifinite import loop. We found this 1 week prior to my fix post for Valaar. As for the ordering issue. Same situation. We just had another presentation coming up. So I observed the sorting order after turning on the forced sorting. When the scene loaded the sorting was fine. Even going through every Sprite Renderer all the index was fine. Only after moving did the sorting order go funny. I couldn't find out why. So I went through the code stuck debug logs in. Eventually I found the * 1000 to bump the zposition into usuable integer values. So I checked what was happening to my movement in the game world. Although we only move on X/Y, we are using Spline Pro for movement. Even though those are still z.0. I was getting movement along the z axis. Some was larger, some was smaller. So when the z axis at a point was too small. The *1000 division was just to minimal for the system. Followed the code and found the that the math was working on world.z, rather than local.z. Changed to local z, and boom I was crying with tears of happyness. Considering are artist did over a month of animation using Spriter, and our dead line 1.5 weeks from now. Not having Spriter would have been a major hit to our work. As for time line. I was sitting on this fix about 2 days prior to posting to Valaar's problems. I have been to this thread regularly to see if anyone was posting fixes. but I was in a bind. Either fix the problem myself by spending a couple of days, or losing a month of work and cut everything that used spriter. I figure 2 days of working hunting down these issues was worth the effort. Fortunately it only took part of the day. So. may seem like I have been sitting on this problem for a weeks, but really only a matter of days. Glad I could help. Spriter is awesome and the Spriter2UnityDX has really helped my project. We still have the occasional non bone image not in the right spot. but when out spriter guy attaches a bone to the image. The spriter objects tend to work better. So it's a working work around for us. So we aren't going to be investing a code fix for this.
  2. Go through all your images and make sure they are set to Sprite2d. We had this problems with images being still set to Texture or Advanced. Even though Advance does 2d, we found that problems such as infinite loop occurs. Had this problem too. This is because your objects z position is moving. So when an object moves in world space I found this mucks up the sorting that DX uses. For some reason once your object moves on Z the z changes in world space. if the Z value becomes too small then it just mucks up. However by using local scale. then the sorting will work again. Honestly I find relying on position.z * -1000 to raise a value of 0.010 to 10 to personal feels a little reliable. Would seem that relying on a position z of integer values would be better. so instead of position.z = 0.010, should be position.z = 10. Anyways, that's just me. hope this helps any one who is having the same troubles. 1. Go to SortingOrderUpdater.cs script 2. Go to Update() method 3. Change float newZ = trans.position.z; to float newZ = trans.localPosition.z; and then you should be good with sorting layer issue
  3. I found a bug. Updating pivot points don't update anything :( I'm using files from B8. Edit: NM. The pivots upadte. but the the sprite center point as to where I thought it would be drawn from isn't. The pivot points also seem to be based on the animation key. Where I though moving the pivot point on the graphics image would also set the graphical position of the sprite for all animations.... which is what I was hoping for :(
  4. I was wondering what would be the best way to go about mixing more complicated combat moves. As an example I have two fighters(hero, mook). The hero attacks with some kind of close range combo attack that involves grappling and the mook puts up resistance motions. As In understand as two separate objects will overlap the other. If they are both a single object, how would you manage to get the two different objects to blend close enough to switch. Or is there a good fluid way to manage choreography?
  5. Wow. There is a lot of features that Spriter will include to reduce much on the game programming side. I'm looking forward to these features coming to C2.
  6. Nice update. The math on that must have taken some time. You guys are certainly forging your own path on the tools. Though i didn't hear any mention of sound triggers? :( But I did hear about collision boxes and hot spots for weapons. And tools. yummy
  7. That's amazing stuff. keep it coming :)
  8. jayderyu


    Well. I'm not a very good animator but I figured since I made a new video of the current state of the game I might as well post the video link. "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ye9pnJXgiA"]Draoust Video I can't figure out how to embed.. So here is the link I have some animation for the bad guys, but not until Character Maps are in the C2 Plugin. Currently they use static images. The only use of Spriter at the moment is the Dragons in the Gameplay. They are grey using the template colours. I would love to say that the dragons are going to get a lot better... but then that would be fib :D But I'm still very proud of there run cycle which is the most standout element of the spriter animation :)
  9. That makes more sense :D
  10. I never heard the news that they were going to merge the tool into C2 someday. That would be soooo cool. It will increase the cost of C2 though. Which is ok. I agree with brainwedge. It will make an impact and also standardize the animation style in C2. Away from Spritesheets to what ever the style is called. Looking forward to that day.
  11. This HAD some truth to it way back. Lucid was an active member of the C2/Scirra community. He did talk about developing a tool to do such animations. While his activity has dropped since then. He still on the forums here and there. however when Kickstarter for Spriter started the entire project shifted for more than a C2 tool. With that though. I believe the only official plugin that is being written is the C2 Spriter Plugin. Where as getting the SCML file into other tools and languages requires other devolopers. So Lucid has been great in supporting Spriter with C2. Also i do believe that the Brashmonkey game is written in Construct if not Construct 2. but I could be wrong with that. Lucid's post of the Spriter C2 Plugin http://www.scirra.com/forum/spriter-c2- ... 59694.html Any ways. it doesn't matter. The tool has far outgrown the original concept of being a parrallel C2 tool.
  12. Yeah, I'm waiting for B6 and and the C2 plugin that better come with it :twisted:
  13. I really loved Mark of the Ninja. It's one of the few games I just keep coming back to when I have the time. The game play is superb in it's formula. My daughter and son really love watching :roll: Don't Starve on youtube with the let's plays. That's really cool they are using Spriter for aspects of a game of theirs. Good job Spriter team. Who knows one day Spriter might be a 2d industry standard :P I would so love to someday work for this company after reading their article to maintain quality games and still maintain a quality life for the employees.
  14. I get a Malware warning from Chrome when I go to the B5 Release download page :| I'm ignoring it since I know I've downloaded Spriter before, but for new users who get it; this can turn them off.
  15. jayderyu

    B4 Bug Thread

    Awesome. Here is a question. Will the hotfix, fix the problems with current animated projects?
  16. jayderyu

    B4 Bug Thread

    More playing around. It seems I have bones that are shown in the z-order sprite list. That's strange. This might be the reason why I'm having strange bone hierarchy problems :|
  17. jayderyu

    B4 Bug Thread

    I haven't found the bug :( However for those that B4 is crashing on I have some information if you need to get back to animation work. I started experimenting with the SCML file and the unknown and unwanted objects. After playing some I managed to get my SCML to save again without crashing. Here I give some instructions on what to do. 1. Create a backup. Just start keeping back ups until everything is stable :D 2. Open up the SCML backup in a text editor(you want as little markup tags as much as possible. Try notepad or notepad+) 3. Start a search for "object_0". Often the object will look like below. DELETE the entire thing. From open to close. 4. Repeat the process until all "object_0xx" are gone. 5. Test out by using "save new version". If you get a crash you won't break your work file. I found that doing so may cause up deleting a bone :(. There might be a reckogniazble difference in these "object_xxx", but I didn't notice it. I know have a savable file for b4. Though I need to fix up some of the images :( what creates these object_xxx, I don't know yet :(, but i think it's a b2 thing. edit: I found two problems with doing this. 1. the object_xxx will leave a blank space in the order list on the left 2. I am also now missing a bone :D. Which seems to have messed up the graphical object :D edit: hmmmmm. found a problem with this. repainting is acting strangely and sometimes crashes :(
  18. jayderyu

    B4 Bug Thread

    I have a question to those with the Object_xxx or crashing saves. What version did you start your project? I started mine in b2, and I'm thinking that the problem might be a legacy problem(just a thought). I'm theorizing that the crash is some kind of b2/b3 safety mechanism that's been removed due to b4 being improved and more stable. So knowing when we started our crashing projects might help solve the problem.
  19. jayderyu

    B4 Bug Thread

    I want to chime in Alex isn't the only one who is having this problem. I thought I had crashing on certain edits, but I was wrong. Saving period will cause Spriter to crash and 0byte the file. However, hunting through my animations. I found some "Object[#whatever number]" in the sprite object to the left side. When I click on the object I get a black screen. When I delete the object Spriter crashes. I think this might for me be caused by removing images from the palette directories before removing them from the animation. As a thought maybe some kind of validator to check to see if all images are there. If not remove the Object? This might help it may not, but like alex. I'm in the boat that until a fix comes out there is nothing I can do. I also sent the file a little while ago, but wanted to add some information and commiserate with a fellow also stuck :)
  20. squeeel, I feel like a kid :) Of course I'm hoping a Construct2 update will be coming soon with this :)... anyword on C2 updating? still feel's like Ash is holding up on that update to make Spriter C2 productive ready :(
  21. Adding a suggestion. Being able to move the an object Z-Order across the entire animation. Made some art changes and now find myself needing to do entire animation z-orders on each frame :( Actually, just the straight forward option to have any changes for bones, order, image, centre point be applied to the entire animation would be excellent. I could only think that angle, position, opacity and such changes not have full animation changes.
  22. I'm making a HTML5/JS game. Which is currently fairly along the way :) However I've hit a bit of a roadblock. My dragon needs animating and I didn't realize that animating a side view of a dragon is HARD. I mean really hard. So I was hoping that maybe some more skilful individuals wouldn't mind volunteering some animation work and a couple of images. It's relatively little work for what game art usually entails. I've drawn a default grey dragon for the animation using inkscape, but it does lack the right frame for a wing flap. If anyone could volunteer some work to do * Wing flap sprite * jumping * descending * flapping * start run * run * land * skid * turn( if this requires more animation images. then it can be skipped) Here is a snapshot of the grey template dragon please don't criticize to harshly, I'm not much of an artist either :D
  23. That's really awesome..... I hope some one comes up with an Inkscape/Paint.Net/Gimp version. :D kudos' totally awesome and jealous :)
  24. I'm really not sure about the C2. In C2 I can sort of see it. As often you are moving between them. In SWTOR they are very long bland lists. oh well. I guess if some one perefers expanding I'm ok with it. But I prefer that if I collapse a part of the tree for it to stay collapsed :D I can even be ok if it's just the single branch that expands, but it's all the branches that expand that's frustrating :P Also maybe I'm not understanding the numbers here. But i'm trying to change the X-scale value. Now as I understand it. X is Horizontal -- where as Y is | vertical. When I change my dragon's X-scale from 0.16 to -.0.16 it flips it up side down or what looks like | verticle change. Is XY-scale reversed or am I just mistaken on how xy-scale translates. Also I want to say that the stability is really good this time. Also thanks for bringing back the object properties bar. I really needed the alpha for my menu. I didn't mention I needed it as I was sure a new version would come out soon :) and it did :)
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