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  1. New Shporter version. http://oopstoons.com/shporter-1-1-0/ Version 1.1.0 Optimized frame export for Spriter: Exports only keyframes now which result in smaller files and closer to original fla timeline Blank keyframes export and don’t fail
  2. Two different folder paths are created for the same image: one for the image used in the animation and one for pivot properties. Create a new animation. Adjust pivot properties of an image. Add the image to the timeline. Save. Adjust pivot properties of image. * Note that the values you set before saving are reset. Set a new pivot point. Save. Note the slight differences in pathing. First folder refers to the first image placed. Second folder refers to new pivot changes made. If any new images are added, they reference the second folder.
  3. Do you have animations done in Flash but you want to use Spriter instead? Look no further! Shporter is here. Shporter is a Flash timeline animation exporter extension for the Flash IDE. It'll rip out the animation data, save PNGs and export a valid SCML file. There are some caveats and I am working on sample files so you can see and avoid those pitfalls and easily export your old Flash animations into Spriter. Let me know what yall think. Thanks! Project Page: http://oopstoons.com/projects/shporter/ Latest Version: http://oopstoons.com/shporter-a-flash-t ... -exporter/ Github: https://github.com/oopstoons/shporter
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