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  1. BUG: I'm getting a very troublesome bug where everytime i need to edit the timeline it goes white until I adjust the timeline window. Also I cant copy and paste keyframes or parts of them without the same thing plus the sprite images (sometimes the bones to) changing to some weird strange place. At this point in time I am unable to complete any animations. ); Also with the latest build of Construct 2 I'm unable to see that pictures or animation (anything from spriter) when I run it with the most current plugin. Comp Specs: Win 7 Home 2.1 intel duel cpu (i3) 6gb ram Spriter version B5.99992 Con
  2. I did some searching into morphing and it looks really cool but I don't know how much something like that increases the amount of the file size. Found alot of stuff related to morphing, heres some videos. <-- looks like it could be used for game animation <-- 90s morphing program (the code for it only lives on as a node in SoftImage(but i found the last original program and am running/playing with it =P)).
  3. blazah99

    Found This

    Browsing through the internet I found this animation made with Spriter & Sai Paint.
  4. Hi all, In a recent message I got from someone using Spriter (free edition(not sure of which version)) with Flash Builder he/she said it didn't work properly. I don't know who made the extension/plugin for it but I figured that I'd post their feedback from it, in hopes that however made it might be able to fix the extension/plugin and prevent future users of being discouraged from using Spriter with Flash Builder. "Thank you. I used free Spriter and already dissapointed in it. Yeah, there are couple interesting features, but there are also a lot uncomfortable nuances. But most important: sprit
  5. I dont suppose this or another plugin for flash would allow you to import the spriter files into flash? At the moment I'm trying to figure out a way for using spriter to make animations for a video for a friend(who has adobe master collection).
  6. Has their been any updates as to what animations will or have been planned for the basic platformer art pack or other future packs?
  7. I second that. It's a lot less frustrating than arriving at the site, with only imaginary cricket noises to greet me! I'll third that.
  8. I'm not sure if this is in Spriter already so here's a suggestion/question. I'mt taking a game animtion programming class thats using flash to teach. Our project is to make a windmill turn over a period of time. The windmill part of my sprite is set at an angle not directly facing the player. I was wondering if is possible to tween to the sprite so that the windmill blades resize/reshape accordingly along the path and if you could export the resulting images so that you get a 30 frames per second over a 2 second period? The result being a 90 degree turn over 2 seconds at 30 frames per second
  9. Some more ideas/suggestions for you guys to use for the pack, most of which I thought might take a bit of time for an animator(isn't one). Player: 360 spin/twirl(on one foot, arms out/in) 360 spin/twirl(on two feet, arms out/in) - like you if spinning a platform standing in the center back hand spring - can't think of a good ninja example so a real life video example Effects: rain - perhaps something similar to Super Mario World, Limbo, Patapon 3 , or etcwaterfall water surface - perhaps similar to Metal Slug (might also pass for slight fog)wind small partials/w dissipation (splash,
  10. I've got a few animations I'd like to suggest. Sorry for the lack of vids to screen caps, I'll make and post a link later. Player: hanging one hand - similar to the NES game "Darkwing Duck". hanging two handed underneath platform swinging - like you would on monkey bars. swinging (rope) swimming (normal, fast) - similar to "Donkey Kong" floating riding/driving (bikes, cars, steeds) sleeping (standing, laying) effects: freezing over - as in block/s of ice forming around a target frost cloud lightning explosion - similar to Gunstar Super Heroes sparkle poison cloud
  11. I voted for: Unity - because its a lightweight but powerful engine, and probably the next engine I'd be working with after I've learned more game design. Construct 2 - because Its the one im currently using and its good engine to to work with if you don't have a lot of programming. and Language API - because I know of a few people who have written their own game engines and they would most likely benefit a lot from using Spriter. Though if your looking for $$ then I'd say the UDK might be the way to go. =P
  12. I'm not an animator so this might be a bit confusing. I find that instead of 5 animation frames, or whatever number, over a certain time I sometimes need to add or remove a frame but still keep the same animation time. When that happens i have to move each frame in the timeline to make the animation look right. I wanna suggest that their be a way to lock the frames with the animation time when adjusting the animation run time. (Ex: 5 frames span the entire 500 milliseconds animation time sliderbar, I'm then able to change the time to 1000 milliseconds while the frames still finish in the 500 m
  13. I doing a livestream of me using spriter the other day when in mid stream a bug occurred(2:10 http://livestre.am/1Hj6W). To make a long story short, after I exported png images with the animation slider showing previous/upcoming animations(turned out not how I wanted) I deleted them, maximized Spriter, and ended up with text and stuff inside the animation window. It fixed itself after I stopped Spriter and ran it again but it happened again later but also in the png exporter(10:56). A second bug occurred around the 8:30-9:30 mark when I tried to export it again but only a few of the animation
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