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  2. Great, any video tutorials about it ? I tried to grasp it but its walk in the dark as of right now. I hope quality of the export will be similar to original spriter, i mean i tried dragonbones and other stuff but once you go into mesh mode then mesh becomes blurry on export, with spriter i figured out to upscale my art ( bodyparts) to 200% AFTER i setup meshes , this way it gets sharper when animating and after export.Its a little trick but gets great results. Im not sure what happens under the hood, maybe it would be good to upscale with xbr 2x or linear internally in spriter before export, this way we will get cleanest lines possible. I think it is important for pixel art, maybe not with png artwork but still, would be great to have no loss of sharpness when going into mesh mode.
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  5. If the target platform is PC it's highly unlikely there will be a performance issue, unless you have a huge number of these Spriter objects or other elements to your game eating a lot of processing power. It's worth a try to switch over and see.
  6. yeah , i am using the draw self mode, for performance reasons, the game is meant for pc, do you think performance would take a hit if i changed to that mode ?
  7. Can't you check if the sprite is mirrored and mirrored it's replacement sprite via the same event? You should be able to unless you are using the draw self mode and are not using the spriter object in the mode that uses Construct sprites for each body part. You should theoretically be able to copy all of it's transforms (height, width, angle, opacity, and whether or not it's mirrored)
  8. thanks for the reply haha yes, thats what im doing right now and i can change the weapons in construct without the need to add them to spriter, and it works fine, except... if i have deformations in the animation width or height or even just flipping the image in spriter, it wont translate to construct...if i could select the spriter object´s height and width in construct it might work, but there only seems to be an option for scale ratio ...so basically it works fine for position and angle, but nothing else... anyways if it doesn´t work it doesn´t work, ill just have to compromise, but hey since you guys are working on spriter 2 maybe add those options, to manipulate an individual object´s height and width, and also adding that movie clip ability for looping a sub-entitie´s animation automatically heheh
  9. A fair criticism. We'd not anticipated Spriter 2's development taking this long, and the intent was to (in a timely manner) replace Spriter Pro for most users with a more stable and powerful tool which would also be faster and easier to debug along the way when issues were found. We truly are sorry for that and very appreciative of the patience and support the community has shown us. We're very humbled by it and determined to finally get Spriter 2 to a fully usable and state and ready to improve on the Spriter Pro experience in every way as a free upgrade to a much more powerful and flexible tool. That said, the vast majority of bug reports we've received for the last several builds of Spriter Pro are from people using the officially incomplete and unsupported skin mode. (which, again Spriter 2 is meant to alleviate by offering far more powerful and well supported deforming features ). Most of the remaining bug reports we've been able to resolve by finding it was user error or easy issues to avoid once the user knows how. (not using unnecessarily giant images, avoiding quirks like you can't try to scale a sprite by the top left scaling widget, etc.) Are there specific bugs which you've reported which we've not been able to help you with? As I mentioned, we've been able to resolve most of the ones reported to us for most users. Hopefully we can do the same for you.
  10. Not directly, no. You're using the right approach by using a place-holder sprite in Spriter, and then controlling it in construct. You could try making it display a totally invisible frame once it's in construct. (just find the sprite and erase all pixel data from it's frame) and then have an event that every tick-sets the replacement weapon sprite in the same exact position and angle and scale as the place-holder sprite, and having events that check if specific character maps are active and if so, then change the sprite to specific animations.
  11. hi there, new here. short backstory, im working on a metroidvania like platformer, i was making my animations frame by frame in another software with bones and "exporting" the pngs to construct 3, but ive recently (stupid me) seen that you dont have to do any of that with spriter , it saves you time, space and maybe even performance. my character has a multitude of weapons that have animations on them, as one single construct 3 object/sprite. so i made a char map to where the weapon would be on spriter and changed my weapon object on construct to match its position and angle.buuuut its not quite the same, the construct object doesnt know when the spriter char map is flipped or deformed (on the animation) and it makes it weird. i could also just put all the weapons in spriter but then they wouldnt have the animations in them. TLDR: so my question is, is it possible to have character maps with animations in them ?
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    I'm genuinely peeved at the developers of Spriter for leaving it in such a haggard state. The least you could do is fix the bugs in Spriter. I understand you're working on Spriter 2, but this doesn't excuse you from leaving Spriter to the wayside. Well, done venting.
  13. Thanks everyone for your continued patience during what proved to be a very long and often delayed Spriter 2 development process so far. Now that the research part of Spriter 2's R & D is complete, we're finally able to switch to a consistent development cycle. We've released a new alpha today and there should be a new build released roughly every 2 weeks from here on out. The current build is very bare-bones with several known issues (see changelog), but each subsequent build will introduce new features, bug fixes, and/or other improvements at a regular pace until Spriter 2 reaches a stable and feature complete release. This build introduces a new workflow with separate modes for rigging and animation. We've temporarily removed strokes for this build as we shifted over to this more final workflow paradigm. Strokes will be reintroduced in an upcoming build and able to take full advantage of the new rigging system, which will give much more control over how your image is mapped to your strokes. In the meantime, we have a bare-bones version of the new pin system, which will also be expanded in subsequent builds. Additional Release info: Spriter Pro owners can access the Spriter 2 forums for more information (or here if you own Spriter Pro on Steam).
  14. Sorry, not yet. When Edgar gets a chance he needs to follow up wit5h Ashley at Scirra to work out the real solution. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll report back here as soon as we're making progress on this.
  15. Hi Mike. Any update on this? (I mean Updating animations wtih no replacing method)
  16. 1) Yes, if you buy Spriter Pro on Steam you will receive Spriter 2 automatically on Steam once it's released. 2) The products and programs are the same except the Steam version Spriter Pro requires you be logged into your Steam account in order to use it. 3) There have been no update builds of Spriter Pro since then becasue we have switched development to Spriter 2, which is making good progress but had suffered many delays for various reasons. 4) I'm not sure yet. I'll discuss this with Edgar and our contacts at Valve.
  17. It will be a suite of extension features available for purchase which will greatly expand Spriter 2 with very advanced features including many procedural functions. For the most part, Alchemist features won't begin to appear until all the core features of Spriter 2 are rock solid and those who pre-ordered it have been using it for actual projects.
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    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Please help me. I want to reserve a copy of Spriter 2. Q1. Am I just wondering shall I get a free copy of Spriter 2 If I purchase Spirter Pro on Steam and that to the ONLY BASE variant of Spriter Pro (Without any DLC)? Q2. Is there is any difference b/w Steam version and Brashmonkey.com? I mean Does this "https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/store/product/30-spriter-2-pre-order/" variant contains all the DLC of Spirter Pro Which You buy separately on Steam? Q3. On Steam I saw that the last DEPOTS UPDATE of Spirter Pro was on 20 December 2018 (522 days ago) Does that mean the Steam variant get updates slower than regular Brashmonkey.com variant? Q4. If I preorder Spriter 2 at https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/store/product/30-spriter-2-pre-order/ Is there any chance that I will get the Steam Key?
  20. We need more information. We'd need to see your export settings and we need to know if the animation looks correct when you play it within Spriter. If it does, the it's almost certainly a badly set export option. You might need to record you screen so we can see everything that's happening to figure out the problem.
  21. Hello! I am a beginner in animations and I got spriter with my drawing tablet and I use it only for smaller animations I was able to do an animation like this before but when I try to make (not the same but similar) animation now, all I get is this I didn't try to recreate the first animation, I worked on a different animation and it didn't work as well (also lagging?) so I tried this one to compare Is it something with settings? Or did I do something wrong when exporting the gif? Thank you for your help! ♥
  22. Chibi Character - Game Ready www.zagreusent.com Game & Animation Studio Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/ZagreusEntertainment https://twitter.com/ZagreusEnt [ AAA - indie price - zagreus zagreusent ze studio character concept high / low poly character & creature game prop weapon game rig and loop gaming animation production company studio india asia ]
  23. yes... now i have all on my animation
  24. Hi, there;s no direct way to do that, but you could easily add all the points you need, and prefix their name with the name of the character map, and use a formula in your actions to do things like: "create object at Spriter point string value=CHARMAPNAME&"shooter" "
  25. this hapens when i rapidly click or even on left key or right click.
  26. Im using the draw itself method into construct 3 and a lot of times when im changing animations it glitches (the sprite). im using the actions directly on the spriter object inside construct.
  27. Hello, I was wondering what happened to the original Spriter asset links? I am finally getting back into game development and wanted to give Spriter another try. It looks like the files originally uploaded got moved or deleted. Thanks!
  28. Prince Dragon Model [Work in progress] If interested don't PM, send your requests or hellos to info@deathstalkerentertainment.com Skype: deathstalkerarts
  29. Hi! that you can do maybe is to pin the 2 spriter object to the same construct 2 sprite, if your fisrt spriter object is pin to a construct sprite and that sprite must move in that case all spriter object must be pin to the construct sprite Place the spriter object : in spriter put an point in the first spriter object for reference where the second object must be placed, in construct 2 create the first spriter object than create the second spriter object (or set position) to the point you have placed, reorder z index if necessary if you pin the first spriter object to a construct 2 sprite you must pin the second sprite object to the same construct sprite, in that case it must be synchronize, pin spriter objects to the same construct sprite not to the spriter object it self or an other sprite pin to the sprite
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