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  3. Thanks Mike! And thank you to you and the team for Spriter! I've been using it for years now, It's so fast and simple to use which makes it the perfect tool for my purpose. Being able to distribute rigged puppets created in an easy to learn yet powerful and affordable piece of software which others can easily use has really allowed me to do what I do! Thank you!
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  5. I answered this question recently to another post from another account, but can't find that now. You'll want to use character maps and also explore using the ability to load an image into a standard construct 2 sprite frame from either a URL or file URI. excerpt from Construct 2 manual section about Construct Sprites "Load image from URL Load an image from a given URL. The current animation frame will be replaced with the image. It is not shown until the image has finished downloading, and On image URL loaded triggers. Images loaded from different domains are subject to the same cross-domain restrictions as AJAX requests - for more information see the section on cross-domain in the AJAX object. Data URIs can also be passed as an image, e.g. from a canvas snapshot or webcam image. The Size parameter sets whether the Sprite object will be set to the image size when it loads, or whether to keep its current size and stretch the image."
  6. Hi Rick. I'm very sorry, somehow I never saw this thread until now. To answer your most recent question, clicking in the canvas and pressing control plus shift plus C will copy everything in the canvas at that point in the timeline. Then you should be able to paste that into even a new and empty animation via standard Control+v. This has always been a major part of my workflow when creating all the animated characters for the art packs. There's no way to copy several key-frames and their timing and append them to the end of another animation without doing it manually, one frame at a time unfortunately. I'll discuss this feature with Edgar for Spriter 2. Sorry again for somehow missing your posts until now.
  7. Hi all! I'd like to share my game asset library gamedeveloperstudio.com. It's a huge library of game assets all in one style so you can mix and match assets from across site and still maintain a sense of artistic continuity within your game project. If you've already got knowledge of Spriter you'll be glad to know that all my animated characters are created using this sofware and I supply all my assets with the working SCML file so you can tweak the characters to your hearts delight. You can see all my work on the site check it out gamedeveloperstudio.com
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  9. Hi there, I'm just learning Spriter and I checked all the tutorials but I couldn't see how would you do a shop to sell body parts for the Player. so basically I'm doing a Mobile Game where I would like to do instead of selling the characters already made as a whole I would like to give the option to buy just parts of the body instead. The Animations will never change just the bodyParts whenever they buy any part of the body, Example they buy (Glasses, Hats, New Customs, Hairs, Heads, body) etc.... is it Spriter Pro capable to do this specific thing? because the only way I see it happening is to pack all the body parts in one entity which will be huge and it will require many sprite sheets maybe? but I don't see how I would just replace one body part while the Game is Running, I'm using Construct 2 by the way. If is yes, what will be the best way to implement this system to use with Construct 2 on the most optimized way as it will be huge customization to sell, I been looking for days for this but no luck, is there any Tutorial? I hope anyone can point me in the right direction And Congratulations for Spriter is a really an awesome product keep it up Ps: I saw that you have started Packs with c2 Capx for learning which is awesome and would be nice if you had something like that but instead for Building a shop to sell body parts as you have there a really good opportunity to show off more of what you could do with Spriter especially for mobiles Games.
  10. Hi, would it be possible to upload again those files to have a look, the link is not working anymore Thank you
  11. Email ID:info.hephaestusent@gmail.com Skype ID: hephaestusent Feel free to contact us for your Art related queries. Thank you HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT 2D/3D Game & Animation service provider @ Indie price Contact Details: Email ID:info.hephaestusent@gmail.com Skype ID: hephaestusent Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HephaestusEntertainmentarts/ More Art: https://www.artstation.com/artist/hephaestus_entertainment
  12. You could have all the enemies separate, but have the specific grapple animations include enemies... maybe one "dummy" enemy that can hive their body part images replaced on the fly via a character map to look like any enemy? Or have a copy of each grapple animation to handle each enemy. Then when a grapple move is triggered, you'd make the real enemy disappear and play the animation that has that enemy built in. Then when he animation finishes, make the enemy visible again and in the proper place and animation to seamlessly continue where the animation left off. The benefit of separate Spriter projects for enemies vs player is it will be logically more easy to distinguish which Spriter object is which, as it would be a totally different one instead of having to check a variable or something else to figure out what instance of the same Spriter object is the player or the enemy. You're looking to make a complicated game, and any solution is going to be tricky one way or the other, but any of the methods you are considering should work.
  13. That's exactly what I would be interested in. Especially because of the character maps, it makes sense to use them for enemies. Have you found a good solution yet?
  14. MattR Illustration My name is Matthew Ryan and I am an Illustrator that lives to create exciting characters and worlds for others to enjoy. I love to work alongside people who are passionate about their projects, giving me a huge boost and inspiring me to create exciting, dynamic artwork that compliments their vision. I put a strong emphasis on research before I start any work, allowing me to better explore the brief as well as developing a more diverse selection of designs Past work has included comic book pages, card design, board games, book illustrations, environments, and concept art. These have been throughout various genres such as science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, military, western and many more. Notable projects include artwork for a successfully funded kickstarter project, as well as having illustrations in several published books. For any job opportunities or if you have any further questions to ask, you can email me at illustration@mattr.org.uk. My website along with a bit more information about my skills and past commissions can be found at http://mattr.org.uk. Gate Runners Card Game Originz The Superpower Card Game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flavorfaction/originz-the-superpowered-card-game Baroque Role Playing Book http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/156171/Baroque-Space-Opera Artwork and animations for “Tubetastic World Splashfest” game Card artwork and design for “Triplicity” https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925144459 Main Illustration for game "Gnome Dash" http://gnomedash.com/ CD cover illustrations for "Extended Summer" by Cozjin https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/extended-summer-ep/1176234294 Interface designs for unreleased board game
  15. Could Brashmonkey or even any programmer please add the feature or create whatever add-on/plugin to finally allow us to save the workspace? Meaning the location and size of each window as well as each setting that can be set.
  16. ‘Undefined’ is the property of the global object. This error occurs in Chrome Browser when you read a property or call a method on an undefined object . Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property of undefined error is probably easiest to understand from the perspective of undefined, since undefined is not considered an object type at all (but its own undefined type instead), and properties can only belong to objects within JavaScript. There are a few variations of this error depending on the property you are trying to access. Sometimes instead of undefined it will say null. If you get undefined error, you need to make sure that which ever variables throws undefined error, is assigned a value to it.
  17. I suggest you check the full list of them. There's always the ones to actual languages like C and Java script. I'd have said Unity, but right now there seems to be compatibility issues with the latest builds of Unity. I'm looking into that. https://brashmonkey.com/spriter-runtime-apis/
  18. Are there any that don't cost an arm and a leg? 200 for a personal license that you won't earn much on is pretty high. What are the free engines that use Spriter?
  19. The engine with the best Spriter support currently is Construct 2, followed by Construct 3. In my personal opinion, Construct is among the easiest yet most flexible authoring systems to learn to create 2d games. There is a free edition of Construct 2 which has limitations, the most important being it only allows 100 events, BUT it does allow the installation of plug-ins such as the Spriter one, and I've made an entire platformer game engine within that 100 event limit, complete with Splash and game over screens, menu, system, etc. To my knowledge the free version of Construct 3 is more limited. https://www.scirra.com/store/construct-2
  20. What game engines use spriter, preferably free ones that are super easy to get started on.
  21. Email ID:info.hephaestusent@gmail.com Skype ID: hephaestusent Feel free to contact us for your Art related queries. Thank you HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT 2D/3D Game & Animation service provider @ Indie price Contact Details: Email ID:info.hephaestusent@gmail.com Skype ID: hephaestusent Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HephaestusEntertainmentarts/ More Art: https://www.artstation.com/artist/hephaestus_entertainment
  22. I think it's because you are calling functions... the functions don't know which enemy you are referring to as it's not a sub-event of the original event that detected the collision wit ha specific enemy. I suggest you re-structure the logic to use sub events instead of functions. This also seems to be a purely Construct based issue (not a bug, but learning the intended use/logic structure) and not specific to Spriter.
  23. I added the code in the thread, wasn't able to reply cause of the wait time..
  24. We'd need to see the code, not the running game to be able to possibly help.
  25. Hi, I've been facing a problem. So I have 2 spriter objects. Player and Enemy, and I have the spriter objects pinned to a PlayerMask and EnemyMask respectively. When the masks are spawned they will spawn the player or enemy. So I have values and platform behaviors tied to the masks, and when the health of the enemies reach zero they'll be killed and dissapear. The problem is with multiple enemies when the health reaches zero, they'll all play the death animation and dissapear. I've read online about the issue but most hadn't really worked. Is there a way to fix it? Here is the event triggered when the enemy is killed https://streamable.com/jti4i Is an example of what I'm talking about..
  26. Hi everybody, we've used Spriter for our game in Unity. We've made a test project with the same Spriter and Spine animations running. The Spine runtime is seriously much faster, and the slowness of the Spriter runtime (https://github.com/loodakrawa/SpriterDotNet) is unfortunately becoming an issue for us. A converter from Spriter SCML files to Spine's JSON files would allow us to use the Spine runtime, which would be faster. Does such a tool exist?
  27. Can you clarify what you mean by "The Spriter exporter"? Ideally, please record your screen while showing your attempt and the resulting issue or a series of screen grabs. This should help us figure out the cause of the problem much more easily. Though I must say I know nothing at all about Phaser, but hopefully someone else can be helpful in that regard if necessary.
  28. Hi, I've been trying for hours to export a spritesheet of my animation using the Spriter exporter. It looks like whatever configuration I try, there is no way to control the frames rotations inside the output spritesheet, this risulting in Phaser rendering the sprite with its body parts randomly rotated and attached to the wrong points. How can I force my Spriter Exporter to output a spritesheet containing only non-rotated frames?
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