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Export inaccurate sprite sheets


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Welcome GeminiEngine,

Please post a screen shot or video recording showing the export settings, even if you've not changed anything. This will help us figure out the cause of the problem faster.

In the meantime, you should always trim your images before using them in Spriter. You're wasting a massive amount of memory and drawing time with all that empty space in all your images.


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The requested screen shot. Also, your personal response time to topics is impressive, thank you!


I've watched that and other videos from you and others as not to be a complete noob. As far as the helpful advice on trimming them, I figured it would increase the volume of ram Spriter used. I also assumed that as Spriter goes through and creates the animation frames the increase in size would be trimmed. Upon viewing the output files this appeared to be confirmed. I chose to keep the sizes as I am very new to computer drawing and it made things feel easier, especially when creating the rotated views of the dummy

Are my assumptions completely misplaced?


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Having the uncropped images can cause performance problems in Spriter, which will be more noticeable the more images you use per project and per animation.

If you only plan to export your finished animations as GIF or sequential images (full frame images) then trimming is not necessary as you seem to have guessed.

Going back to the original topic, you have the export set to use "animation preset" under "source rectangle". When you set the reset cropping for the animation, were you careful to make sure there was room at the bottom so the feet would not get slightly cropped off?

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Technical limits noted, I hope GIMP has a nice plugin that can trim and then export layers.

I do not recall changing such, but I probably did. And I definitely did not reset cropping for anything, so it was impossible that I could be careful for not cropping out any feet.

I am going to try "source rectangle" set on its default, "trim rect to animation".

  • Magehands' feet still appear cropped for the last pixel.
  • Run's feet still appear cropped for the last pixel.
  • Shimy is completely fine.
  • Shoot's feet is not cropped but does fade to almost nothing in the middle of the animation but are present in the first and last handful of slides, though the feet never move.
  • Walk's feet still appear cropped for the last pixel.

All animations start from the same copy pasted start frame, all setup identically.


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