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Settings for exporting 25-frame animation to GIF?


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I followed the walk cycle on that link above. The animation I made went smooth but when exporting, anything in the GIF doesn't move.
Maybe there is wrong with the settings, I don't know how to set it up :| I'm still a newbie, I'm 13 years old

Also, the animation only looks great at 2% Play Speed

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Hi Josh. Welcome to the Spriter community.

The incredibly fast play speed is what is causing your export problem. You animation lasts a tiny fraction of a second (2 percent of a second or 2 hundredths of a second)

So, the first thing to do is fix that.

https://brashmonkey.com/spriter_manual/editing timing.htm

Make sure you have the checkbox checked for "stretch keys" and make your animation length a much bigger number. If you have to set playback at 2 percent speed, then you need to make your animation length a much bigger number. if it's currently 1000 (1 second AKA 1000 miliseconds), then you should try increasing it to 50,000. Again, remember to have "stretch keys" turned on (checked) before you click apply.

Once that's done, put playback speed back to 100 percent and make sure the animation looks good (the propper speed) and try exporting while setting the number of frames to 25 (if that's the total number of frames you desire.)

 The play speed setting you had set to 2 percent does NOT affect exports or data. It should only be used to preview your animation at slower or faster speeds in Spriter just so you can check for imperfections in your animation more easily.

Mike at BrashMonkey

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It's not responding everytime I export the GIF. I checked the Task Manager to see if I my RAM is all used up but only 65% is being used, Spriter using 100MB to 1GB 
Maybe the export setting is wrong.
Sorry for how dumb I am.

I have 4GB of RAM 
edit: its also a spriter pro version im using i bought for school

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Excellent. Congrats. :) GIF is a primitive technology and depending on what you're using to play it back it could play slowly. I'm afraid there's nothing we could do about that. 

You might want to consider exporting your animations as sequential PNG images, then use a separate program to merge the images into a video file like AVI, which can handle more frames, bigger frames, and plays back much more reliably.

I found this free program via a Google search: http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/



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