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Pivot point bug: Uses ratio instead of selected point


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I e-mailed Spriter support about this problem just now with the subject "Pivot point bug: Uses ratio instead of selected point" with a link to my zipped scml project in case it helps.

The problem is that when swapping or replacing an image object with another one, including through character maps, it's actually incorrectly using a ratio method to determine where the swapped-in image will go in relation to the pivot point of the image being swapped, instead of just using the swapped-in image's pivot point, as the software intends to do.

The correct effect, which doesn't happen, is that the swapped image's pivot point should perfectly align with the pivot point of the image being swapped. It's supposed to be all about the pivot points, not a ratio.

I included more details in the e-mail.

I'm using the latest Spriter r10.


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2 hours ago, lucid said:

Are you using the default pivot point? (pivot dot will be red on frames where it's keyed)

If not it will use the ratio instead. 

When checking for red versus clear pivot dots, I notice that the problem happens with boned images that have child bones. For example, the problem doesn't occur with hands and feet, which are at the ends of bone systems, but it does happen with every other part of the body.

For anyone with the same issue: After what you said, I discovered (it was new to me) that if you right-click on a pivot dot in the frame and select "use default pivot" it corrects the problem, turning the clear pivot dot back into a red one, thereby using the pivot point as desired when swapping images.

If I'm not mistaken as to the use or purpose of the ratio method, it's unnecessary and should be replaced with the pivot point instead, in a future release--at least by default, where even attaching images to bones does not turn the pivot dot from red to clear. There's no problem when using the same ratio anyway, such as when using the default 0,0 point, but I don't see how ratio could be superior to pivot, since deciding the pivot point makes more sense than ensuring all body parts line up in Photoshop even at the expense of some parts having excess alpha as a result. Pivot seems more professional than ratio.

However, now that I know it's not a bug, I'll be sure to include changing the pivot points back to red when necessary at the character rigging stage, after attaching images to bones.


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