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Noob questions: how to copy/paste keyframe?

Pale Dolphin

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Okay, so this might be the dumbest question, but how can I copy/paste the keyframe with all the bones in the exactly same positions?

Say, I have 4 keyframes.

1. Default pose.

2. Rising knee.

3. Kicking.

4. Default position again.

And I really want my 1st and my 4th keyframes to be exactly the same. Can I somehow copy/paste it? Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V yields nothing, the pose bones don't seem to be copying.

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I am having trouble with something even simpler. I want to copy a single set of attributes for a single bone on a single keyframe. Then I want to paste that set of attributes (I assume it would be called a keyframe) to a different frame of the same animation. 

It seemed to work before, but now, when I hit ctrl+V to paste, it creates a new keyframe, but does not copy the attributes.


What are the exact steps to copy a keyframe for a single bone to another point on the same timeline?


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