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  1. @Mike at BrashMonkey I added the video as you requested. As I have previously described, the problem is solved if you mater a clone of the object, if you delete the duplicate scml, the gray boxes are displayed again.
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GXf_7s2K24IjNlA7dChyT0ztd7e6ydbc/view?usp=sharing In C3, if I clone the problem scml object, the textures are loaded normally
  3. http://my-animation.bitballoon.com I'm using construct 3, I've exported my animation, but it's not displaying correctly the images used.
  4. Is there any prerequisite for adding webGL effects to scml animations using construct 2
  5. I was able to solve some of the problems Since I set the source points directly in the animation area and not by double-clicking the images on the pallet, the "default default pivot point" button did not work. Then I found the option to left click on the source point of the image and use the option "Overwrite default pivot". This solved my problem in adjusting the origin of the objects that make up the animation. I only had a small problem, after using the option "Overwrite default pivot" my sprite did not work anymore the option of CTRL + Z, being necessary to save and restart the p
  6. I usually select the key frame that I want to copy, then select all the pictures and bones. Then use ctrl + C to copy. Click on the timeline where you want to insert a new key and use ctrl + V
  7. I know I started working on my animation the wrong way. But is there a solution to fixing my mistakes without starting everything from scratch? It was animating a character, and I was adding more and more parts, different types of eyes, or hairstyles. As a matter of organization I should have created subfolders for this sort of thing but I did not. When I start the project with images that are no longer in the root folder, a red error count appears. My question is, would it be possible to reset the images from another folder with the left mouse button shortcut searching for an old image t
  8. I'm having problems with the scml animations in construct 2, as soon as the animations are about to leave the screen. a bit before, the animations become invisible. How to prevent this from happening
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