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Rpgmaker MV: Spriter Pro Support Petition!

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It was stated over a year ago that work for spriter pro and Rpgmaker MV support was being worked on, and so far pretty much every game engine has support but Rpgmaker so I was just wondering if the project was dropped or if it was still being worked on, and possibly what progress has been made, thanks :)

Also, I am willing to pay for Rpgmaker MV support as my characters in battle have so many frames (25+) for each animation, and are very high resolution, so they take extremley long to load, to the point where if multiple are used the game will just crash rendering my game unplayable, and I also don't want to change game engines, as MV has exactly what I need :/

EDIT: I've made a petition for Spriter support in Rpgmaker MV if you are interested here's the link!

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Hi Kogemashita,

I'm pasting this response I had made to a previous RPG Maker user who had asked a similar question:


There was supposed to be actual Spriter playback support, but to make a long story short, the company who was until very recently our Steam publisher is also the Steam publisher for the entire RPG Maker line of products.
This company (Degica), assured us repeatedly that Spriter support would be added to RPG Maker MV. They did go as far as to assign the task to one of their on-call 3rd party programmers, but unfortunately they never delivered on a single milestone for the playback support.

During the official severing of our publishing contract with Degica, we brought this up specifically as a concern and we were unable to get any assurances from them that they would keep their word and make sure the support was added. At that point (very recently) they agreed that we should direct any customer who asked about the overdue and long-promised Spriter playback support to their customer support staff for an explanation.

I think this is the official support link that should be used to contact the appropriate people: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/support

We're very disappointing that despite promising this support to paying customers and to us, they decided not to follow through. We're hoping if enough RPG Maker users contact them they'll have a change of heart and deliver on their promise.

I'll be emailing them a link to this thread and the other one and encourage you to email them as well.

We apoligize that this is the situation as it stands.
-Mike at BrashMonkey

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damn thanks mike :/

I've made a petition for it and I'm thinking about posting it on the Rpgmaker MV forums, but I'm not too sure how many people would be interested, it would mean a lot if you could possibly mention this petition in a stickied post or on the news section for me, thanks so much. (Also I used the spriter logo in the petition, if you're not okay with that PM me and I will change it!)

Petition Link: https://www.change.org/p/kadokawa-corporation-rpgmaker-mv-spriter-support

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