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Spriter animations don't work in Construct 2


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My Problem is that I imported two Spriter Projects to C2 and one isn't working at all. It can't be shown, if manually turned visible, no Animation is shown ect. I have got another Sprite in my Project that is working fine. I did everything the same way as with the first object.


On Start --- Create Object Sprite 1 on Layer 0 at 0 0

                   Create Object Sprite 2 on Layer 0 at 0 0

Sprite 1 on initialised ...

Sprite 2 on initialised...

Every Tick Set Position of Sprite 1 to PlayerDummy

                  Set Position of Sprite 2 to EnemyDummy


I just added the Second Sprite under the first one. Did I do anything wrong? By creating everything new it is working with all sprites :/ but not in the main project


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Not enough info. You'll need to show screen shots of your events and how the Spriter objects are set up, and whether or not you're using the old or new method for the Spriter files, and if you imported the scml and scon file for eact etc. or you can email your capx to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll take a look.


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