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  1. Thank you so much for your Reply. I recreated everything in a new file and it's working fine. It may be broken because i imported a few simmilar files.
  2. Hello, My Problem is that I imported two Spriter Projects to C2 and one isn't working at all. It can't be shown, if manually turned visible, no Animation is shown ect. I have got another Sprite in my Project that is working fine. I did everything the same way as with the first object. On Start --- Create Object Sprite 1 on Layer 0 at 0 0 Create Object Sprite 2 on Layer 0 at 0 0 Sprite 1 on initialised ... Sprite 2 on initialised... Every Tick Set Position of Sprite 1 to PlayerDummy Set Position of Sprite 2 to EnemyD
  3. Thank you. I found the real Problem: I forgot the line System -> on start -> create object SpriterObject
  4. Hello, I have a Problem when I Export files to Construct 2. I made my first Sprite, animated it wanted to see how it Looks in C2. But when I imported it to C2 everything was placed wrong and no animations were there. Can anyone please tell me what I could to to fix this? I have got the newest Version of C2 and Spriter, the Spriter Plugin for C2, and saved and exported it as a Spriter file. You can see on the Pictures what it should be and what it actually is. Thank you for your help, Nowl
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