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Feature (please) request - export to spine3.3 format


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I am big fun of Defold Engine, but engine support Spine animation tools by default. After new release DragonBones 4.9.5 appear opportunite export animation to spine3.3 format. This solve problem for Dragonbones, but not for Spriter Pro. Please make same exporter to spine3.3 format for Spriter Pro. This is HUGE power up for this good product.


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Spriter 1* will not do mesh deformation in general. The developer needs to rewrite a lot of the core functionality to get that - thus why we have been waiting for 2 for years now and no word of when 2 is coming out

For now use Dragonbones, but please do note that if you export to spine2d and the runtime in the game engine you use was writter by esoteric soft - you wont be allowed to use it unless you have purchased their expensive 300$ license.

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I recently learned of the Defold Engine and it is a viable choice for making an indie game that uses 2D skeletal rigs.

Seeing as how Defold will import a "Spine JSON Data File" which basically is the skeletal rig with animations and mappings to assign images to, surely Spriter could mimic the formatting with relative ease, right?

I'm sure Spriter would benefit far more indie devs with this export capability, especially since Defold is a very attractive 100% free game engine

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