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Help! My IK end points wiggle!


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Hello! I posted about this a while back and didn't get any response. When I make an IK chain with a locked end point, it only partially works. While moving my bones around, everything works like it should, but if I create a keyframe and animate or scrub through the timeline, the animation that it plays has that end point moving around!

I keep coming back to it and thinking maybe if I try again or follow a tutorial more closely I can make it work, but no luck. Anyway, this time I recorded myself with a full-screen recorder so you can see my entire process. I even annotated it:

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Is there a sample project (like the grey guy) that uses IK so I could see if it isn't some kind of weird hardware issue? 

Here's another video I made earlier (with a rigged character) that demonstrates the problem a little more dramatically, but doesn't show the outer work area. It's supposed to be kneeling. :)



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Hi gsilverfish,


This is because IK related features including locking only effect the poses of keyframes... (the feature exists specifically to help easily pose key-frames) but have no effect whatsoever on the tweening. Meaning, there's no IK related formulas effecting playback, even if you created the key-frames while using the IK related features.

In cases where you have an animated idle character where you want the feet to remain completely static is to have the feet images completely un-parented (not a child) from the foot bones for that specific animation, so no movements will effect them.

The only other solution when de-parenting children is not an option is to add additional key-frames between two key-frames where the unwanted movement appears in order to keep it under control.. typically only one or two additional keyframes are needed,


-Mike at BrashMonkey

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