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Properly preparing your sprites


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Hi guys,

I couldn't find something really talking about how to properly prepare your sprites before using Spriter, but I'm sure it'll be very interesting to share knowledge about that subject.

Our team has made a lot of progress regarding animations but we can't figure out how to avoid overlapping sprites and/or weird continuity of our character's sprites.


So basicly we have a creature that looks like this. And we want to make some kind of smooth tentacle movement. ~~~~ <- like this ^^


But it makes something like that. Either you got hole when you rotate them. Either you have to overlap but it makes that weird bumpy/overlap kind of problem. Not so smooth.



Do anyone have an idea about how to get over this problem?

We're currently trying to change size as we rotate sprites but that's not really concluding.


Thanks guys.


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This problem applies to cloth too. The movement is sinusoidal in its nature so its a proper deformation for Skin/deform.

By now the only way if you dont want to use skin is to have overlaps or interrupted outlines. To reduce the effect you can use image swap and use tiny different curved tentacle images.

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That looks nice. The problem is that Spriter crashes every time we double click on a sprite with the "skin mode" enabled.

Even on a brand new project with only one bone and one png



Searched a little bit and it looks like you found a way around those bugs.

Could you do a step by step of on how you make it work?

Just really really simple project. Like 2 bones and 2 sprites just to see if we're doing something wrong.

Maybe Windows is also the problem. I read somewhere that someone was using Linux. Maybe it was you ^^ Can't remember.

I might create a Dual boot and then try again, see if it solve the problem.

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you can download my raphael spriter project and see if it works for you, i dont do anything unusual , but its hard for me to pinpoint your problem cause i dont know what steps exactly  you do to make it crash, i import as skin, then add bone then i attach this skin to bone by parenting, and then i click twice on skin, so i can edit its vertices etc. when im finished with editing and adding dots/verts, then im clicking on skin twice again to apply verts so its saved properly in project.

His skeleton doesnt use multiple bones for one mesh tho but you cxan see if animating skin is making your spriter crash.

Skin mode works great for me on windows xp and win7 , i dont know why people have problems with it, it does crash sometimes but you have to make some weird undoing a lot to make it crash.I dont udo, try not undo at all if possible or if you have to then just one or two steps backwards.?Save a lot, save after adding each limb and finishing its setup.This is just good habit, its stupid and risky to create entire character and dont save at all until you start animating him, not just because of spriter but because of system and real life accidents, your windows might shut down or something else, just save a lot there's nothing against saving, i know in some softwares when you save you will lose undo history but spriter doesnt work like that which is great.If you're planning yo undo then save first.


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Hi bwwd and thanks for your answer.

Looks like we're doing the same thing while using this feature. So it might be something link to the environment.

I'll link a video to this post so you can see exactly what we're doing.

Could you give your openGL version and tell us if you're in 32 or 64 bits?

We're currently in 4.4 openGL and 64 bits 7 Pro.

Link to the video ==> Video

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Thats super weird but i have the same bug now !! with version 7 ! I have fresh install of windows 7 , so i will download version 6.1 and exe from 6.2 and will edit this post to confirm if its crashing, thats reallty strange, version 7 didnt work for me at all on winxp so there must be some serious bug somewhere in this version.


ok I Can confirm, skin mode is completely broken in version7 , i didnt know cause version 7 crashed on my winxp machine and i installed win7 yesterday and just tried to open character which worked fine but now i see when i want to create character with skins then its crashing, so... download version 6.1 and then download exe from 6.2 :


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Awesome man. Will try that tomorrow morning. i'll get back to you when it's done


EDIT: We don't have any spriter Pro key at the moment. We've just asked for it by email.

In the meantime, we can't download the raph project. It says that the page isn't available for my account.

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