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Spriter R7 Released!

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Hello everyone. This release fixes several bugs, and contains a few small additions. 

Spriter Release 7
Released 3/18/2016

Additions and Enhancements

  • Changing speed curves in the timeline now applies to all selected keys
  • Added ability to copy and paste speed curves in keys
  • Added Custom File Setting to always also save an scml version of the file when saving scon
  • Added menu item and keyboard shortcut (L) to toggle hide/show guidelines

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where 'save a spritesheeted project' would do a normal save if you had "Never generate multiple spritesheets" selected in the Pack Images dialog
  • Fixed a bug where child objects would usually get keyed whenever their parent bones did
  • Fixed a bug where opening the character map editor dialog to edit an existing character map, the column for replacement images would instead display the original image file name
  • Fixed a bug Copy Selection to All Frames wasn't working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where some low resolutions would start incorrectly maximized until you restored and remaximized the window
  • Fixed a bug where an scml file saved with one or more empty character maps wouldn't load correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the timeline would scroll to the top when using the Next Key and Previous Key buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

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