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Hi CuchoSkylaxx,

Very nice art. Very nice job using stretching of the spites for the breathing and hair. Here's my 2 cents:
1) The feet should be near 100 percent still..especially the back feet. (HINT: if they are on bones, de-child them before animating idle stances so the bone movements don't disturb their position)

2) The back feet seem strangely green tinted. If this is not intentional, try muting the green tint so the grays match the darker grays in the rest of the character.

3) You nicely segmented the tail. It would be nice if you used that more and got some fluid motion in the tail, right now it's too stiff and the movement is too much of a direct ping-pong.

4) I'd slightly darken and lower the contrast on the two limbs furthest from the viewer.. this will increase depth and readability of poses.

-Mike at BrashMonkey

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I agree with what aiat_gamer and Mike said (including the compliments), but I have to add my two cents, too:

1. Besides being green, the back feet aren't the right shape (real canine legs are very different front-to-back; look at more source material).

2. All four feet are also a bit too splayed out. They should be closer to directly underneath their respective "shoulders" (hips? You know what I mean ;) ).

Keep up the good work!

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