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I guess I'm somewhat of an animation hobbyist and desperately looking for some sophisticated software because let's face it, continuing to use Photoshop (or similar software that doesn't support bone rigs) is nothing but a bad idea, even though its puppet warp feature IS quite convenient.

Spriter seemed interesting and it was recommended to me, so I gave it a try ...

However, I'm already failing at a very simple task: a soft ball

So I create a project and load the image of a sphere ... I can move it up and down, alright, I can crudely squash it using the scaling when it hits the ground, but I cannot seem to punch it. There's simply no feature to deform a sprite/skin on impact, although I believe there are some forum topics claiming there was such a thing - two years ago.

Am I missing something or will I have to look for a different tool?

(and if the latter, any suggestions?)

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Spriter does not have a full deform feature (only a proof of concept skin mode feature which won't be finished). Spriter 2 will include many enhancements including a much more robust deforming feature "out of the box", and will be a free upgrade for Spriter owners.

Spriter 2 is still a long ways off though. 

One other option is to use Spriter's image swapping feature. You could pre-create several images of the ball in different shapes, and swap out between them as needed, and use this in conjunction with the horizontal or vertical stretching.


-Mike at BrashMonkey


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