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Hello everyone. I've finished some of the animaitons I was comiited to do for an unity project. The thing is that there was a performance issue. I realized that the problem was the number of pngs Unity had to process. So I starte to incursionate in TexturePacker and downloaded the free version. The thing is that I have the Json File, the tps File but I don't understand how to implement them in Unity. Do I have to make all the animations again in spriter using the spritesheet instead of the pngs? I hope not... that would be a lot of work to do. I'm sorry if this is the wrong section, but here Mike seems to answer more often than the moderators in the others sections and I'm in a hurry. Thank you so much!
(I already saw BrashMonkey's video featuring the compatibility with TP but it isn't clear if I can use the atlas to replace all the pngs over finished animations or if I have to make them again.)

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Exactly, as stated by Mike, Unity already has a built-in sprite packer solution. Import your animation folder within your project. Select ALL the PNGs your animation is using. In the Inspector, give them a "Packing Tag" (ie Player01), hit "Apply". Then click on "Window>Sprite Packer". Hit "Pack". Done.

Tell me if that worked 

PS: Make sure your PNGs are set as Sprites and not Textures.

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