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Closing on startup

Tom Atom

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 I just purchased Spriter Pro version through Steam. I found, that:

 - I have to be logged into Steam otherwise I can not run app - it starts and closes immediately (no error messages),

 - even if logged into Steam account, it is not possible to open .scml/.scon file with double clicking on it in explorer - Spriter starts, loads file (I can see it) and then ends immediately (no error messages). It is necessary to first start Spriter and then open file in it with file->open.

 I also tried free version from your site and it does not suffer from this, so it seems all this is related to Steam version.


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@Tom Atom, yes.  The Steam version doesn't require you to activate it with email/serial key, but it requires Steam to be active to verify it's activation on Steam.  If you want to discuss getting a non-Steam key, please send an email to Mike@BrashMonkey.com.

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