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Hi All,

New to spriter and still using the basic version (trying to learn it first)

I'm having some trouble with the walking animation.  I tried to duplicate what was done in the youtube tutorial:

The youtube tutorial has the ground position at 0 in the timeline and the reverse ground position at 392, half of 782 which is being used as the end of the time line I think?

I tried to make mine in a timeline of 0 to 1000 which seems to be the default of the spriter program.  I made the one ground position at Zero like in the tutorial, the opposite position at 500 and at the 250 mark and 750 mark I moved the character up 2 clicks like the tutorial did at the 392 and 588 mark.

The end result looks weird, like it goes up and then up again when I let it loop and play from 0-1000.  Are there any tutorials that break it down more for very inexperienced people?

Here is the gif export and the image at the 0 mark in the timeline and the 500 mark.  I'm clearly doing something wrong.  Thanks for reading and any suggestions are much appreciated. As you can see in the animation, it does this thing where it goes up and then slowly floats up a little in the end of the animation.






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Hi darthcirvantes,
Sharing your Spriter project would make being helped much easier. To me, it simply looks like you missed moving the spine bone to the proper vertical position on a few key frames... therefore its missing the proper up and down movement... but it's hard to know the exact issue without seeing the Spriter project in Spriter. Can you zip up your folder with the images and the scml file and host it on Dropbox etc, or if you don't want to make it public, you can email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll see if I can figure out the issue.



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Thanks for the quick response.  I've attached the project Zip file.  Just to give some more background, I didn't do everything in the tutorial as far as tweaking and assigning keyframes (still have to learn that).  Basically in this project I'm up to the 26 minute mark in the tutorial video.

I only got as far as doing what I described: making the 2 exaggerated animations of the walk and then making it go vertical at the 250 and 750 time slots.  I do notice little markers all over the bottom of the timeline  in my project so maybe those are keyframes?  I don't know how that got there because I didn't click anything at all that says "key selected".


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Hi again,


The trouble making issue is your pelvis and torso bones are not assigned to each other... if you move the pelvis up or down the chest and head don't follow.  I suggest starting over by deleting all frames but the one at zero and also remake the skeleton, making sure all bones are attached properly... the pelvis should be the parent of the chest, which should be the parent of the neck.



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