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How to Use Mesh and FFD in Spriter

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Unfortunately the sprite deforming feature has been greatly delayed, and only the temporary proof of concept version of the feature is in Spriter.




You should not use this feature for actual projects, only to experiment and give feedback. It will be completely replaced later.


-Mike at BrashMonkey

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I have spriter pro, I can do it in files that seem to already be using the feature. But if I wanted to use the feature, the options arent there on projects ive created.

It might be me just being new and not knowing how to set up my menus, but I am not seeing it. 

and no, I have no option that states drag as sprites or skins. :-(

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then you have some old version i have it in my version since year or so, or maybe there is some weird version that has it disabled / removed but i dont think so.If you click on that window next to "drag new items as" you should have 2 options, skins or sprites, if you dont then download other version.

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