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A question for animators


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HI. Some questions. I know in 3d programs there are intervals that because of interpolation have to be corrected. I dont know if in spriter is like that. I think if you dont use imagechanges/swapping it is exact and have no mistakes in interpolation (I know from experience with spriter and lots of headaches).


But I have discovered that if you use image swapping and you get little misplacement/jumping you have to correct every mistake or jump by using one "fixing" frame before every jump.


Or may be this is normal thing in the animation world, and interpolation is known to be imperfect.



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Hi rubberboy,


I might just be misunderstanding your question, but I can't imagine how the interpolation is in any way "imperfect", as its simply using math.  If you're image swapping, then any "pop" is almost certainly from a slightly less than perfectly placed default pivot point for the new image, etc.  But there's always going to be some level of human error, or needs for tweaks and correction frames no matter what... because what might be the perfect pivot point in one animation might not be perfect for another etc.


Does this make sense?



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OK mike. Everything clear.


My problem was I was drawing images an moving them on spriter.


The correct way to do it. Paste the swapping images and DONT move them on spriter, because even with the same pivot point it will cause little misplacements due to an incorrect perception of the person drawing.


Once pasted, modify them on the drawing program ONLY. Because just a pixel moved in spriter will cause problems. Just let the images on the same positions in spriter and keep redrawing and updating images until you get a correct swap.


Isnt this the same the instruction say? same size and same pivots... so the image doesnt move on spriter, you just draw different perspectives.


Thanks :D

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