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construct 2 blend glitch

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Hi Fighter620,


I'd have to see the actual Spriter project in Spriter to know for sure, but I'd wager you have a completely different set of bones etc for your facing forward VS your facing sideways animations, and for this reason, C2 has no data to tween between, hence, all the Sprites go to zero/zero (top left corner). This is why all the side facing anims blend perfectly..because their bones are all the same.. they match up and can tween from the end of one anim to the beginning of the next.

I suggest you create a hand made tween animation (with all key frames set to instant tween mode) between those sorts of animations, as they'd need 3/4 facing images for the face and body parts to begin with.  Then have an event that first plays the really quick "tween to side facing" anim before going to the walk animation.


Make sense?



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