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  1. thanks for the help, and yes I do have different bones for the front and side animations I'll be sure to make the tween animation
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/807rmlti4ks358p/spy.capx?dl=0 So I imported the spriter files into construct 2 and started to set up my character movements and whenever I add a blend and try to move to the left or right it glitches in the top left corner and the spriter images pop up I don't know why this is happening
  3. Hi thank you for responding about the other error what a meant was that I went into spriter and changed the default names of the bones and then imported it into spriter I think thats what fixed the error
  4. Hi I manged to fix the error it gave me by changing the name of every bone.... but now when I resize it in construct 2 my animation looks off, parts move to much. At first I thought it was that i was try to resize it to much but then when i tried resizing the Player from the Platformer Pack it looked just fine. I know that I can resize the whole thing in Spriter but when I do that I lose a lot of image quality link to capx: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1yms5ki2lkknc ... yBack.capx link to Spriter file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/loaf1k6ki7c61 ... racter.zip if you don't extract it, the images
  5. I am not a professional artist but I might be able to make the art look better once you have finished most of the game play and I could do the animations too
  6. For some reason each time I import my scml file to construct 2 then change the file to .scon which I have already saved in the same file location as scml with same name and then add every tick player set position to another object that already has platformer behavior. when I click run current layout it shows the box that has platformer behavior but it doesn't show the spriter object or any animations.... I do have the lastest construct 2 and spriter plugin
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