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Spriter for Haxe/OpenFL and HaxeFlixel


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Seems there are a couple of libraries available for the Haxe/OpenFL/HaxeFlixel platforms that I've found:





HaxeFlixel (for latest dev build?):






NME (OpenFL?):



I'm trying to get the HaxeFlixel one to work but is lacking in noob friendly documentation. If anyone gets it to work, please post how you did so here.


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To get SpriterHaxeEngine working with HaxeFlixel, use the following base code to get started:


//In PlayState.hx...


import spriter.engine.SpriterEngine;
import spriter.library.FlixelLibrary;
import flixel.group.FlxTypedSpriteGroup;
class PlayState extends FlxState
    //Variable declarations
    private var _spriterGroup:FlxTypedSpriteGroup<FlxSprite>;
    private var _spriterEngine:SpriterEngine;
    private var _spriterLib:FlixelLibrary;
    //In create() function
    override public function create():Void
    //Function to create spriter object
    function createSprite() {
        _spriterGroup = new FlxTypedSpriteGroup<FlxSprite>();
        _spriterGroup.antialiasing = true;
        _spriterGroup.pixelPerfectRender = false;    
        _spriterLib = new FlixelLibrary(_spriterGroup, "assets/images/sprites/");
        _spriterEngine = new SpriterEngine(Assets.getText("assets/data/YourCharacter.scml"), _spriterLib, null);
        _spriterEngine.addEntity("EntityName", 120, 460);
        //update on enter frame
    //And in update() function below super.update()...
    override public function update():Void

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you should use the first one because I always accept pull request from HaxeFlixel team.

The two last ones are too old, they are lacking features and they are probably buggy.


I plan to make my library framework-agnostic so you will be able to run with Flambe as well for example. There is already a fork of my library working with Flambe somewhere but it misses last features and bugfixes.


Also you can find samples here.

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Just a quick post to remind that this implementation is complete (include subentities, variables, bones...) and I plan to add some features (mapping with regexp, ...).

Well, almost actually, I didn't make the Sound implementation because I don't think an animation engine should handle sounds, but the variables or tags features should make the trick. :)

I've also made my own atlas exporter for TexturePacker and you can even make a binary of an scml (avoid to parse the xml during runtime).


I'm currently improving the library to have better performance.

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