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Bouncy laser animation


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Hello! :)
I would like to ask what is the best way of implementing my animation into a game.

I made a laser animation, and now i want it to be able to bounce off of walls from all angles.

Of course, it's impossible to animate bouncing off walls for every single angle, so i would like to know how you would solve this issue.

One solution that I have is to have "another" laser coming out of the wall when the first goes in so it would give an illusion of bouncing.

Please answer as soon as you can and thank you for reading ^_^

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I think you already hit the nail on the head. Just have a "laser hitting" animation where it disappears, and a "laser starting" animation, which you can start at the point of impact, rotated to the correct angle of incidence. If they're the same length, it would appear to be a single laser bouncing off the surface.


You could even use the same starting animation for the laser initially being fired from the source.

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Hi yamada0000,


There are too many potential problems and solutions depending on your specific needs, the game authoring system or game engine you're using, where the pivot points are in your laser animations etc etc.


If you want a direct suggestion or solution to your problem you'll have to give us a lot more info.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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