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Hitbox functionality in Contruct 2?


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Hi Celestient,


The trick with Spriter's collision boxes in C2 is that the import converts them to regular C2 Sprites, but invisible.  You can check for overlaps or collisions directly with the sprites themselves, which will have the same names as the collision rectangles you had created in Spriter.



Mike at BrashMonkey

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10 hours ago, Microtoon said:


Please, help me!

How use Spriter pro hitbox in Construct 2 if i use "draw self" and spritesheets with .scon file?

Thank you! 

Worst case scenario you're going to have to switch the Scml object to the non draw self mode and re-import it, which will get Construct to generate the hit box sprites, after which point you can switch back to draw self mode and delete the individual construct sprites (EXCEPT for the hit box sprites, don't delete them!)

But before you do that, check if there is a folder that was generated when you imported the scml file that has your hitbox sprites in there. These are the sprites you'd check for collision with to get the Spriter hit boxes to work within Construct.


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