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IK targets


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When I set a foot to be the end of an IK chain I would like to be able to then pick up the foot and move the leg by dragging a target helper object around.

This would be the same for an arm, link a target object to a hand then drag the arm around like in other animation apps.

Currently when I assign IK to the end of a chain it just gets anchored in place with a red dot and cannot be moved.

The IK works in reverse as in I can move the body towards the anchor and the limb bends but this is not very helpful for creating walks and stuff.

Am I missing something obvious?

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If you select say the upper leg bone, then hold ctrl and click the lower leg bone, then click the foot bone (while still holding ctrl) then you will have three bones selected.

Let go ctrl.

Highlight the foot bone near its tip. The rotate icon (curved doubleheaded arrow) will appear. Now hold SHIFT and click and hold Left-Mouse. While you drag the foot it will control the whole leg.

Is that what are you trying to achieve?

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Thanks Pikarus for the solution it sort of works.

However this is just ridiculous!

If I want to move a leg I have to CTRL click the chain (three clicks with a key press) then I have to click again with a different key press (because if you didn't you will duplicate your last selection) and it doesn't work with IK so I have to then right click after moving the leg to set the anchor. And then decide I want to change the position, oh dear all those action again.

I don't want to be playing a musical instrument with my mouse and keyboard.

I want to set up my rig, attach helpers to my IK chains and just single left click and drag them around.

This is basic stuff for animating character rigs check out Puppet2D for Unity to see how its done properly.

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well there are other ways to do this faster.

Select the highest bone in the heirarchy (the beginning of the chain) i.e. the upper leg bone.

Then just hit 'Z'

All children of that bone become selected,

sprites as well unless you turn LOCK SPRITES on then Z will select all the bones below the leg.

Then shift-drag the foot while highlighting its tip.

Much faster, and doesn't require the CTRL button.

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OK thanks that's much better, still requires shortcuts but at lot less clicks.

Its remembering all different key click combinations in all the apps I use that gets to me. Spriter is a particularly bad offender.

I was just staring at my screen for about five minutes yesterday waiting for the key I needed to hold down to spring into my head to bind a sprite to a bone.

Why cant there just be a tool list selection? For example you can press V for the move tool in Photoshop but there is still a tool icon for when you forget.

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I kind of agree with what woodscreation is saying.


It seems that the IK is reversed and that the root of the IK is actually where the aim/goal should be when we create it.
You actually need to do counter animation to compensate the issue.
The goal of the IK is supposed to be the end of the bone chain.
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