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Beginnings of a humble Spriter user


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I have been programming since I was 11 years old in various languages, although never released anything, more just had a lot of fun teaching myself new languages and messing around with stuff for my own nefarious purposes.

I have a few projects on the go, and while I am NOT the best artist, I aspire to be better so that I can produce the art for my game myself.

Anyways, without further ado, here is:

a basic, untweaked, glitchy walk cycle.


I know it's got some issues xD but its a first effort lol.

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Welcome to the Spriter community Pikarus,

Your walk animation is off to a great start. The only thing that stands out to me is it lacks the up and down movement of the torso and head that would really sell it as a natural walk.

I found this tutorial on Youtube which definitely covers the basics fairly solidly.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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Thanks for the reply Mike.

Yeah, when I was looking at a few sites prior to making this animation, I had come across several explanations of the up and the down pose as well, and of course that is one thing that is missing from the animation. There are many other problems with the animation I created, but since it was mainly an exploratory exercise most of those other things are trivial.

Some of them one might notice within a minute or two of watching the cycle:

His front arm is smaller than the back one. It also moves at a dramatically different rate and to different forward and backward extents (this effect is not very noticeable due to the angle the character is being viewed at which isn't straight)

His two hands are in fact the same image, thus the back arm looks a tad wrong even though the hand graphic Almost suits either arm equally well.

His shoulders and hips should tilt in opposite directions at certain points due to the legs changing relative height.

I'm sure there are more minor blemishes that I could iron out, but I had drawn the various body parts with my graphics tablet in about an hour total just to get a basic character up and 'running' (lol) and to be able to make some mistakes I could learn from.

I feel that Spriter can be a non-artists dream-tool for animation as this whole animation took maybe 3 hours to make, and I already have plans to make a slightly more detailed "base-character" in 8 directions of movement that I can skin to make various different humanoids with a vast set of animations.

I have thought about trying to learn Blender in order to export image data to work with Spriter but that's probably something I will put off for now.

Either way thanks again for taking the time to answer my post and I will check out that video to see what else I can learn from it.

Hope to be here for a while (read: permanently)

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